Billy Kane(RBFF)

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He is back from Fatal Fury Special, its a great poking character and one of the best fighters in the game.

Move List


Ipponzuri Nage: F + C (Perform in close range)

Jigokuotoshi: F + B (Perform in close range)

Command Moves

Pole Stab: F + A

Toukatsu Kahougeki: D + C (Perform when opponent is down)

Special Moves

Sansetsukon Chuudan'uchi: B,F + A (Charge back)

Kaen Sansetsukon Chuudanzuki: B,F + C (Perform during Sansetsukon Chuudan'uchi)

Suzumeotoshi: D,DB,B + A

Karyuu Tsuigekikon: D,DB,B + B

Kyoushuu Hishoukon: DB,D,DF,F + B

Senpuukon: Tap A repeatedly

S-Power Move

Chou Kaen Senpuukon: D,DF,F,DF,D,DB,B + BC

P-Power Move

Gurensakkon: F,DF,D + C



Chain Legend
(St. A) link into (St.A) into (St.C or F+C or Cr.C)
(Cr.A) link into (Cr.B) into (St.C or F+C or Cr.C)
(St.B or Cr.B) link into (Cr.B)
(St.A or Cr.A) link into (St.B) into (QCF+C)
Combo1: Crouch A, B(hits 3x), (b,f+A), (b,f+C)
Combo2: Jump C, C, (b,f+A), (b,f+C)
Combo3: Jump C, crouch A, crouch B, f+C, crouch D, D
P.Power combo: A, B, P.Power



Vs. Terry Bogard

If the Terry Player throws out Burning Knuckles. You can safely crouch to make it whiff and punish.