Andy Bogard(RBFF)

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Andy Bogard is a character who has solid ground game to deal alot of pressure and can cover a lot of distance with Zai En Ken, Kuu Ha Dan moves. Andy's AA is also quite good too.

Move List

Command Moves

Absegiri: F + B

Agetsura: DF + A


Uchimata: F + C (Perform in close Range)

Special Moves

Zaneiken: DB,F + A or C

Shipuu Uraken: DB, F + C (During Zaneiken)

Hishouken: D,DB,B + A

Geki Hishouken: D,DB,B + C

Shippuu Tatsumakigeri: D,DB,B + D

Yami Absegiri: F,D,DF + B

Shoryudan: F,D,DF + C

Kuuhadan: DB,D,DF,F + B

Genei Shiranui: D,DF,F + D (Perform in midair)

S-Power Move

Chou Reppadan: D,DF,F + B (Charge down)

P-Power Move

Zanei Reppa: DB,D,DF,F + C



Chain Legend
(Close C) links into (St.C) into (St. C) into (St.C) into (St.C or F+C) into(Any Move)
C,C,C,C... This combo can hit for a total of 8 hits by allowing each C to hit twice.
C,C,C,C,f+C x
Zan Ei Ken Combo: db,f+C then db,f+C then d+C
Combo1: C,C,C,C,(f,df,f+B / b,db,d,df,f+B / Zan Ei Ken combo)
Combo2: C,C,C,C,f+C,D,(b,db,d,df,f+B / Zan Ei Ken Combo)
Combo3: Jump C,(Air d,df,f+D),D,Zan El Ken Combo
Combo4: (in corner) Jump C, (in air d,df,f+D), D, HishoKen, C, Zan El Ken Combo, after knockdown do d+C
Combo5: Crouch A x3, B,db+C, Shor Ryu Dan
Combo6: (in corner) Jump C, A, B, C, Flame Kick (f,d,df+B)
Power Combo1: Jump C,(Air d,df,f+D),D,S.Power/P.Power
Power Combo2: C,C,C,C,f+C,D,S.Power/P.Power
S. Power Combo: d+A (up to x3), crouch B, db+C, S.Power (d,df,f+BC)



Vs. Terry Bogard

If the Terry Player throws out Burning Knuckles. You can safely crouch to make it whiff and punish.