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Android 17 (SDBZ)

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L = light

H = heavy

J = jump

G = guard

xx = cancel

: = just frame

f = forward

b = back

u = up

d = down


Grab - Android 17 grabs the enemy by their feet and slams them into the


 Violence Hold (Square + X, then Square)
 Combination A1 (Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle)
 Combination A2 (Square, Square, Square) - This 'combo' leaves the enemy
   facing the opposite direction.
 Combination B1 (Square, Triangle, Triangle)
 Combination B2 (Square, Triangle, Square) - Attacks then does his grab
 Blaster (Roll down to forward, attack) - His default energy attack
 Savage Combo (Forward, Down, Down/Forward, Attack)
 Avenging Fork (Roll down to back, Attack, Attack again when you hit)
 Ultimate Blaster (Roll down to forward, Roll down to forward, Attack) -
   This is basically a rapid fire version of the Blaster attack.
 Energy Field - (360 degree roll, down, forward, and away, then L1) - This
   attack is great for defense, attacking a radious all around Android 17.




Custom Setups