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Android 16 (SDBZ)

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L = light

H = heavy

J = jump

G = guard

xx = cancel

u = up

d = down

f = forward

b = back


L is safe, making it useful for tick throws. L and LL are bufferable.

H is safe if spaced properly. H can only be super canceled. Kara canceling H gives more reach than anything else. H is easily used as a meaty.


The H version of Rocket Punch has 5 hits so it will penetrate most projectiles. However, it has no tracking so it should primarily be used defensively.

Mega Tackle is invincible to ki attacks as soon as the move is activated, making it a great reversal in certain situations. If you slam an opponent into a wall with it, they will be stunned, even without the Wall Smash skill. It's laggy, so be careful.

You can use the splash for ambiguous crossups, but it drains your action. The risk-reward on this move is heavily in your opponent's favor because it doesn't even do 20% if it works, while your opponent gets a free launcher if it's blocked. They even have frame advantage after getting hit if they flip forward. Use sparingly.

Evolution Buster grows stronger the first 3 times it's used, then repeats the cycle. The L version is faster, the H version has better range. 16's kara throws seem to have about as much reach as his H if you cancel late enough. Negative edge makes this easier.

360 shortcut: A hcb (or hcf, or any 180º spin) is not enough, but a 270º spin isn't necessary, either. The minimum input required is a 180º spin plus another direction. EX: hcf,uf or hcb,ub or ub,hcf, etc. Even things like u,hcf do work


A blocked Hell Flash pins your opponent for a launch/dash up throw mixup.

Ground Tempest is invincible, but the opponent can jump/sidestep/backdash to escape after the super freeze.

The following attacks faze Armored 16 immediately (1st hit):


dash attacks

H homing

Goku's DP, Flurry Kick, Kiai Blast, Super Kamehameha, SSJ, lvl3

Trunks's Aura Smash, Cannon Shot, DP

Piccolo's Beam Cannon, Dimensional Barrier, supers

16's Mega Tackle, splash, Hell Flash

Frieza's disc, supers

Cell's tail, Judgement, Barrier, Endive

Vegeta's G-Slicer, Counter Break, Endive, SSJ, lvl3

Chi-Chi's red tornado, giant blue tornado, supers

17's Violence Hold, L Surrond Attack, Infinity Break, Energy Field

18's Violence Hold, L Surrond Attack

Krillin's Scatter Blast, Destructo Disc, After Image, Super Destructo Disc

Gohan's SDS, Energy Barrage (ball, not field), SSJ, lvl3

Nappa's Flame Pillar

Dragon Finishers

Buu's Hurricane Dash, Megaton Drop

Majin Vegeta's G-Slicer, Counter Break, Barion Ray, Endive

King Piccolo's Dimensional Barrier, supers

Ultimate Gohan's u+H, Fissure Kick, Switch Sword, Energy Barrage (ball, not field), dp, Tornado Cutter


LLH 44 (yes, that is all he can do off L)

H xx Hell Flash, L+G, LL xx Hell Flash, H+G 122

launch xx Hell Flash, dash H xx Hell Flash, L+G, LL xx Hell Flash 124

launch xx L+G, unfly H, jump H, LLH 99

all tested vs. Goku with standard 16

Custom setups

Guard canceled Mega Tackles may save you from getting chipped to death. Guard canceled Ground Tempests cut right through blockstrings.

--Crazymasterhand 17:06, 25 February 2007 (UTC)