Torao Onigawara

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Pinweel of Hell 236+P

Torao dashes forward and releases a series of punches. Can use in combos, but I think his HP/HK finishers yield better damage. Good whiff punisher, and you can use it to chip the opponent to death.

Flying Vacuum Kick 236+K

Torao's main pain bringer. It's a little slow and obvious, but once it reaches its active frames it has really high priority. Use HK as a pre-emptive anti-air and LK to stuff things from a distance. Only use from a distance, otherwise be ready to eat whatever the opponent can give you.

Parry 214+P

This move is great. If you don't have a super ready, be a bit wary of using it, but if you do, whore parry-->Dosu Dragon.


LP / f+LP, HP, LK, HK (knocks down) / HP (knocks down, changes stance)

The chain can be started from any point.

Super Moves

Kenka Karate Example of a Reckless Man 63214+HK

Your standard high-damage rush super. Difficult to combo into, unless you use j. anything --> Kenka.

Dosu Dragon 2141236+HP

A really good move. It does super high damage, and is invincible for the entire startup. This is why Torao is really dangerous once he gets meter: he can super you in the middle of attack strings, multi-hit moves, etc. It guard crushes, but your opponent can roll right past it if they're fast enough.


Unlike most characters, his reverse style is incredibly useful because of his ability to switch in and out of it instantly while attacking. His LK is your main way of doing this. From there he has two moves: HP gives you a hook that knocks down and slides the opponent. The range is pretty short, but it's safe and damaging. HK gives you a roundhouse that also knocks down and has much more range, but is less safe. His escape dash attacks are instant and both knock down, and you can OTG another HP escape dash attack, but both have short range; you've got to be stepping on their toes for the HP one.

Things to know:

His HP can chain (not cancel) into his LK.