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  • Kamui Tokinomiya (朱鷺宮 神依, Tokinomiya Kamui?) (cv. Hiromi Hirata)

Kamui is known as the Thousand Years Protector. Her Arcana keeps in a state of eternal slumber, awaking whenever there is a crisis facing the human world. She relies on the Ministry of Elemental Affairs to give her an update on the current state of the world each time she awakes. With her trusty blade, Tamayorihime, Kamui is now on a mission to investigate the dimensional bend in the skies above Tokyo while Konoha aids her.

Kamuji’s blade, Tamayorihime, was specially crafted for her when she became the Thousand Years Protector. It has the ability to cut through ether (Elemental substance) without scratching the physical body. The blade will allow none but Kamui to draw it from its scabbard. Her ability to wield such a weapon is proof that she is worthy to be the thousand Years Protector. Kamui is also obsessed with anything cute and cuddly. Rumor has it that she has a collection of stuffed animals, but she does not like revealing this to other people.

Kamui is always confused if it's something to do with anything modern.

Move list


4/6AD: Kamui slashes you with her sword and ends up on the other side of your body. Good for oki situation (ambiguous IAD j. 2c is good after this situation, for starters) and gives you a second to activate arcana of your choice. NOTE! Kamui is backturned for a few frames after this throw, so wait slightly before inputting your next command, otherwise it won't come out properly. I have to emphasize the backturn properties because Kamui's throw is one of the better throws in oki situations, since the opponent is right next to you on knockdown.

5AD: Kamui does 3 quick attacks ending in generic 3c launch. Can follow up with air combo afterward like normal (either by normal jump and then homing cancelling up to them, or just homing cancel off the bat - the former option is preferred, otherwise, your homing gauge will be X'ed temporarily.)

j.AD: Kamui airthrow. This is one of the better airthrows in the game, since not every airthrow is a guaranteed followup. Airthrow launches you up in a high arc, and you have to use a homing cancel to continue the combo. NOTE: When you do this throw, you can still doublejump as if you had never jumped at all, so you can do her standard aircombo as usual.

Normal moves

2A: Kamui standard low jab. Kamui's standard 2a. Decent priority, but you cannot gatling this move and the frames for this mve arent too buff (which is the case for most of Kamui's moves, since we're talking about FULL! and she got downgraded.) Do NOT count on this move to beat stuff in close range battles, especially vs pixie-characters - Kamui 2a usually trades, or loses, or gets clashed against most 2a's in the game, so do not spam this move in close, time it instead, or you'll be getting clashed (losing a lot in short range battles.) None the less, this is Kamui's defacto combo starter on the ground, so it's still a good move. Just be aware of the moves disadvantages when using it, but it is a crucial move nonetheless. Damage reduction is incurred when you start her combos with 2a (another one of her downgrades in FULL!)

2B: Kamui low-slash. (jump cancellable)

  • Kamui standard crouching medium attack slash. Nothing too noteworthy here, except that it's mainly used in her ground combo series, and that it hits low. However, the frames on this make it SLOWER than Kamui 5b, so be careful when using this in poke battles, unless you think they arent blocking low for some reason. Most of the time, you should probably use 5b instead.

2C: Kamui's sweep attack (knockdown).

  • Kamui's sweep attack. Has a very SMALL range/hitbox (no bigger than the range on her 2a at most. Fast recovery, and + frames on block, allowing u to go into another 5b series if they dont guardcancel you. Difficult to guardcancel and punish. Used to bait arcana activations (for example, a common Kira tactic is to activate arcana through 5c in close range so that she can command throw you - use this move instead, if she activates, you're both generally at neutral frames again. Her defacto combo extender on the ground, after this, you can combo into her 41236+a to start her big combo damage everytime.

5A: Kamui high-jab slash

  • Standard Kamui standing jab. Can gatling this move. Not reccomended for poking on the ground, since it has crap for range and it is a high attack. Used mainly to combo into her 3B, and is a combo extender (after 2C -> 41236+a, basic flowchart is to 5a -> 3B.)

5B: Kamui high medium slash (jump cancellable.)

  • The defacto Kamui poke for Kamui mid-range battles, where she is best. Used in chains for her standard flowchart blockstring/attack pattern (5b, 5c into whatever.) Great for half screen punishment as well. You'll be using this move a lot in all your battles, as it is her best punisher when someone whiffs moves, even from half screen O_O Also, jump cancellable, which is extremely good to know, since most players will try to clash with this move, and you can jump cancel away in a lot of bad situations (like, when she is getting clashed. See a trend here? lol.)

5C: Kamui far-fierce slash

  • Kamui far fierce Slash. Has more range than 5b, but is much slower, so not as good for the guaranteed punish. Advised to combo this off a 5b first due to the heavy delay and recovery of the move, however, it's useful for blockstrings in certain situations from full screen (example, 5c into arcana move like gier, or water bubbles etc.)

jA: Kamui air-jab slash.

  • Standard airjab, looks similar to her 2a. It's decent in air to air battles when you are fishing for hits and are parallel to them in the air. As like most of her moves, you can't spam this move in the air because it WILL lose out to faster 2a's framewise - lilica, lieselotte, and heart's air ja's come immediately to mind.

jB: Kamui air-medium slash

  • Kamui's medium slash, this is one of her better moves in the air because of she sheer range/space control on this move - it also hits in a slightly upward arc, so this move is one of your choice moves when they are slightly above your head in the air (not talking about DIRECTLY over your head.) It's very useful in her air to air game because you can land a quick combo/counterhit off this when you are fishing for hits, so youll be using this in the air a lot.

jC: Kamui air-heavy slash

  • Kamui does a fierce attack in a downward arc. This is useful when you want to land a air to ground attack from far range, or if you neutral homing at them from fullscreen and want to attack them. Use this move for the sheer range of it, and when you arent close enough to land a j2C attack.

Command Normals

3B: Kamui medium slash air combo starter (air unblockable/jump cancellable!)

  • Kamui slashes in a upward arc, and if you hit with this and they are airborne, you can continue for a aircombo of your choice. While this move is air unblockable and jump cancellable, don't count for using it as a antiair, since the priority on this move is average at best and will get beat in many situations. However, it has it's uses, since you can hit ppl with this when they are in a upward arc in their jump (i.e., you went fishing/you predicted they were going to jump -) if they activate arcana and they are slightly in the air, you can use this move for a easy combo as well. Aside from that, it's her main aircombo starter. You'll be using this move a lot.

j2C: Kamui downward heavy slash

  • Her best air attack hands down (next to jB,) Kamui attacks and slashes in a downward arc. The hitbox on this move is huge, and gets a lot of random crossups when their body is in the corner, and in oki situations (example, hitting with Kamui rush super/throw and iading with j2C.) Her best jumpin by far, you should try to land this whenever possible, especially off a IAD because of it's huge hitbox, youll be landing a lot of free hits with this move for sure.

6C: Kamui generic charge move (chargeable by holding down the button, air unblockable, causes wallslam)

  • Kamuis standard 6c move like everyone else in the game, she smacks u with her sword and if u get hit u go flying to the wall. Nothing special to noe here, it's like everyone elses 6c. As always, you should use it when they are close to the wall because someimes the opponent might be too slow on the wall recovery, or when you have a arcane setup going after knockdown (like a charged Gier ready and waiting.)


  • Kamui generic 3c launcher. Nothing much for me to say about this move, since everyone has a generic launcher of sorts. There's really no reason to use this move and it seems kind of redundant when Kamui has 3B already, and it has way faster startup.

Special Moves

Uruma - 41236+a/b/c: Kamui rush move that ends in a slash in close range (the slash is same animation as 4/6+AD throw.)

  • Kamui crouches and does a rushing attack at the opponent. The button pressed from weakest to strongest determines the distance. If you are close to them, the 2nd half of the move will come out, which is a running slash, and you can homing cancel off of the slash for combo/pressure opportunity. This is a important move for Kamui because it allows her to gain ground during her blockstrings (exacmple of standard use -> 5B -> 5C -> Uruma, for starters.) It also allows her to gain ground quickly without using a homing cancel or dash. This is a crucial move for her, since it extends her potential in juggles, and it's a important part of her movement. Use this move whenever you can, it's safe in most situations.

Habaki - [4]6+a/b/c: Kamui slashes as a first hit, and an X shaped projectile flies forward as a 2nd hit.

  • Even if you aren't close enough for the slash to connect, the projectile still carries forward. The range it goes until it dissipates depends on the button you pressed, weakest to strongest.

Tenza - air 421+a/b/c: Kamui slashes her sword 360 degrees around her body - encompassing her sprite while she is airborne.

  • This move has quite a few uses. First, since it's a overhead, you can use this in a situation where most people would block low (example would be j2C, delay it until you are still airborne, then Tenza.) You can also tigerknee this move slightly off the ground, which makes the move a instant overhead of sorts (4218+a is the notation for her tigerknee). Aside from that, this move is one of her defacto combo finishers in the air, with the A finisher hitting once, B twice, C 3 times. However, only the last hit of the move knocks down, so if you are too far away while doing a aircombo, it's advised to use the A version (when you're close, use the B or C version.) The B/C version is also a good move from time to time since it encompasses her whole body - it doesnt have a lot of priority on its own, but it does control a lot of space (for example, when someone is trying to HC/jump over your head while youre both airborne, this move is good from time to time preemptively.) It's also fairly safe in the air for the most part, and if you are in danger, you can HC away anyway. Solid move.

Kofu - On ground, 623+a/b/c - In air, 623+a/b: Kamui counter attack

  • Another crucial move for Kamui, since she is lacking in the in close defense/antiair game department. On the ground, A version of Koufu will counter high attacks, sending the opponent flying up for a combo opportunity if you have homing to pursue. B version is a midcounter, and it will counter most mid attacks. It causes wallslam and sends them flying. C version is a low counter, it will connect with most crouching moves in the game. If you have homing meter, after a C Koufu you can homing cancel (6HC) and follow up with a 3B (or whatever you want) for a massive damage combo opportunity after that, so this move definately has it's uses.
  • Take note that her counter will hit attacks depending on where the opponent hits the body, not whether they are airborne or not. For example, if Kira does a jC (her big boot) very deep and hits Kamui's midsection, you have to midcounter hit, not high counter it, as it will cause Kamui to be in counter-hit state. If she does the boot EARLY and touches Kamui's head, then you can use the A version appropriately. A good ground example of this would be Lilica's 2a - even though it is a crouching attack, it hits Kamui's midsection, and thus must be countered with a B Koufu.
  • In the air, she has 2 counters, one counters high (above her head) and one counters low (takes care of attacks parallel/below her.) A Kofu in the air, on hit, does her A Tenza. You can follow up this move with a super if you want, however the damage output is not that great, so it's not recommended. B Koufu puts the opponent in hitstop, does the same animation as Kamui's j2c, and they will fall to the ground. You can get massive combo opportunities off this move since they cannot recover for several frames, so you can definitely get a 3B off this if you hit the ground before they do (if you aren't, and you're too high up in the air, its recommended to 2/5/3HC to them accordingly. Most of the time, you won't need to do this, however.
  • Another lesser known function of her Koufu is that it will reflect/absorb projectiles. For example, Love/Partineas ball (236+D) will be repelled/reflected by Kamui's Koufu.
  • Also, Kofu has a special level 3 that you can do after you catch. For more details, see Shimatsuri below.

Wazabane - air 22+a/b/c: Kamui does the same animation as her j2C, but in a quick downward vertical arc.

  • See above. This move is generally good as a combo finisher from the air, since it generally leaves you right next to the opponent on hit, seting up a pressure situation (you sacrifice a few pixels of damage, though.) It's also good for closing space quickly from the air if they are directly under you. On offense, you can use this to keep the momentum going as well - common use for this move is after a j2C, use wazabane. If they crouch, it will hit them and keep the pressure on. If they block, it's safe on block. Optionally, you can homing cancel after this to keep the pressure on.

Kunugi - 22+a: Sacrifices Kamui's life but gains one level of super.

  • Description of the move is above. Basically, you sacrifice about 25-30% of life to gain one level of super, so this move is something you DONT want to do 99% of the time. It's used situationally though - if you have a few pixels left, you can use this to gain a super bar and be left with 1 pixel of life. It's common to use this when Kamui wants to sacrifice the round and gain a level at the same time, or when time is running out on the clock and Kamui has little to no chance of coming back within the time frame.

Kunugi - 22+b: Sacrifices Kamui's life but gains one homing bar.

  • Description of the move is above. You sacrifice a little under 20% of your life for one homing bar. Pretty much useless as the homing bars regenerate pretty fast on their own and its not worth the damage.

Super Moves

Muon - 236+AB: Kamui runs at the opponent with her sword in hand - on hit, it will slice through the opponent for 1 hit, leaving them in a knocked down state.

  • This move is a very good super and has several uses. On offense, you can use it as a full screen punish if they do any move with heavy recovery (though generally, it is reccomended to hit confirm with 5b/5c first into this move.) Since it leaves you in a knocked down state, you can do anything you want ater they are knocked down, such as calling your arcana for the next setup, or iading over their head on wakeup and doing j2C (this is very ambiguous and fairly hard to block. On defense, if they are airborne and you want to get away, you can use this move to change your position as it goes full screen very quickly.

This move will also cut through Rock/Otsuchi on defense - if a Otsuchi user activates their arcana defensively and tries to attack you, Kamui's ground super will defeat the super armor clean, so this is very useful, especially against Kira.

Seizan - air 421+AB: Kamui does a super version of her Tenza - comes out extremely fast for 1 hit.

  • This move is decent as a combo ender in the air, useful for punishing laggy ground moves off a 4GC, and it is useful for punishing laggy air/some ground attacks off a arcana activation if you are airborne. Definetely should NOT be spammed on defense since the opponent can homing away from it on reaction, but none the less, it's still a important move on offense/defense, and a good move overall. If you do this move as a combo finisher, be aware of the damage scaling - if you do a high hitting combo, this super won't do so much damage due to damage reduction from prior hits.

Kodama - 63214+AB: Kamui slashes the air, creating a X shaped fireball in the air, and it won't be released until you let go of your button (this move can be held down even with 1 button, allowing for combos while the button is held down. Reccomended to hold down the A button only.)

  • This super allows her to execute some of her most powerful combos in the game, but the combos are generally not for beginners to Arcana. It's not that they TOO difficult, it's just not a good thing to go for when you first start playing the game. Anyway, the first part of the super (when she is slashing the air) counts as 1 hit - releasing the fireball acts as another hit. because of this, you can juggle with this super when they are airborne and you are grounded (example would be 2C, then do Kodama). Check the combo section for some basic combos with Kodama.

Shimatsuri (Death Festival) - 222+AB after a successful B/C Koufu on the ground - requires 3 levels of super: Kamui gets crazy, the screen goes dark, you get SLASHED a billion and one times, and you lose 50% of your life. LOL.

  • This super has to be inputted in between the time that it takes during connecting with a Koufu and hitting with the counter - there is about half a second delay, so you have to be fairly quick.

The conditions required make it dificult to hit with, but possible in gameplay. The damage reward alone is enough to even attempt going for this move, since it does close to 50%.


No longer a dominating top tier character like she was in the original Arcana Heart, Kamui is still quite effective, being simplistic to play gameplay wise and execution wise means she will never truly suck. But at expert level of play she is difficult to win with because of a few glaring weaknesses (that a good player can overcome, imo.) Anyway, if you're trying to pick her to tier whore, I suggest that you stop that right now, since she is like the Cable of MVC2 - many players know how to exploit her weaknesses and beat her, there are definetely higher tier characters on the list to pick. But if you want a zoning/poking/turtling character with a low execution barrier would be a good choice for you.


For combos starting with 2A, omitting the 2A will significantly increase the damage of the combo. To compute roughly how much damage a combo will deal without 2A, subtract 500 then multiply by 1.25.

If you have new additions, plz post up!

B C Super Combo

  • 5B 5C > 236A+B (BC SUPERRR!!!)
damage: 7,160 (61%)

No Homing Cancel Combo

  • 1A 1B 1C > 6B (2 hits) > dash > (wait for dash to finish) 5A 3B > j.A j.B > dj.B dj.C > 421C (3 hits) > optional 421A+B
damage without super: 8,051 (22%)
damage with super: 9,201 (19%)

Hold 1 during ABC to buffer Kamui's [4]6B charge move, which acts as a semi launcher.

You may find it easier to omit the 5A and/or j.A. This results in slightly less damage. If you plan to omit the 5A, then you need to cancel the dash into 3B early.

To get all 3 hits of 421C to connect, the dj.C has to hit close and near the bottom of the opponent. This is why you must wait for the dash to finish before doing 5A 3B. If you omitted the 5A, then you may have to delay your dj.B and dj.C a little.

Basic Bread and Butter Combo 1

  • 2A 2B 2C > 41236B > HC6 > 3B > j.B > dj.B dj.C > 421C (3 hits) > optional 421A+B
damage without super: 8,023 (24%)
damage with super: 9,223 (20%)

A simple, low-damage BnB with relatively lax timing throughout the combo. The No Homing Cancel Combo is superior since it deals the same damage without consuming a homing bar.

Another downside is that this combo doesn't move the opponent very far towards the corner compared to her other combos.

This combo works against Kira at point-blank range.

Basic Bread and Butter Combo 2

  • 2A 2B 2C > 41236A > HC6 > 5A/2A 5B 5C > 41236A (whiffs) > 5A 3B > j.A j.B > dj.B dj.C > 421C (3 hits) > optional 421A+B
damage without super: 9,053 (15%)
damage with super: 9,835 (13%)

2A or 5A after HC6 depending on the height of the airborne opponent to juggle into 5B 5C. If 2A is used, then 3B j.B dj.B will whiff: the j.A becomes is necessary.

This is arguably Kamui's best "easy" combo. Away from the corner, its damage is comparable to her more advanced combos. Near the corner, however, this combo may lose some of its strength.

Near the corner, your exact starting point and the size of the opponent's hitbox will determine how much damage you can do. The worst starting point is two 66 dashes from the start of training mode. Some combo enders that should always work in the corner are:

j.B j.C 421C (2 hits) - 8,555 damage (16%)
j.A j.B > dj.C 421A+B - 9,319 damage (17%)

If you omit the 41236A, then this combo works against Kira at point-blank range.

Basic Bread and Butter Combo 3

  • 2A 2B 2C > 3C > 5[HC] (hold down D) > j.A j.B > dj.B dj.C > 421C (3 hits) > optional 421A+B
damage without super: 7,615 (26%)
damage with super: 8,935 (22%)

A useless combo on its own, but with the Fire Arcana, it may be possible to deal significantly more damage in the corner after 3C.

Intermediate Bread and Butter Combo 1

  • 2A 2B 2C > 41236A > 6HC > 3B > j.B delay j.C > land > 66 dash > 3B > j.A j.B > dj.B dj.C > 421C (3 hits) > optional 421A+B
damage without super: 8,888 (14%)
damage with super: 9,508 (12%)

After the first 3B, you need to do j.B as soon as possible. Also, the timing for "j.C > land > 66 dash > 3B" is tight. To get all 3 hits of 421C, you might need to do the last dj.B and dj.C a little slower.

If your combo starts midscreen and ends in the corner, sometimes you will be pushed back too far to deal the maximum damage. E.g. you might get 0 to 2 hits of 421C, or 421AB might whiff after 421C. See Basic BnB 2 for some alternate combo enders you can use in this situation.

If you omit the 41236A, then this combo works against Kira at point-blank range.

Intermediate Bread and Butter Combo 2

  • 2A 2B 2C > 41236A > 6HC > 3B > IAD j.A > dj.A delay dj.C > land > j.A j.B > dj.B dj.C > 421C (3 hits) > optional 421A+B
damage without super: 8,713 (15%)
damage with super: 9,493 (13%)

IAD'ing into jA after 3B takes a bit of practice but nothing impossible.

Connecting the j.A after dj.C is very difficult if the opponent isn't in the corner by dj.C. As with the previous combo, to get all 3 hits of 421C you need to delay the last dj.B and dj.C a little bit.

Two Homing Cancel Combo

  • 2A 2B 2C > 41236A > 6HC > 3B > j.B delay j.C > 5[HC] (hold down D) > j.B j.C > land > j.B short delay j.C > land > 66 dash > 3B > j.A j.B > dj.B dj.C > 421C (2 hits) or 421A+B
damage without super: 9,495 (7%)
damage with super: 9,741 (7%)

You can do this combo without 5HC but it's much harder.

Uruma Loop

  • 2A 2B 2C > 41236A > (6HC > 2A 5B 5C > 41236A (whiffs) > 2A 5B > 41236A) x 1-2 times > 6HC > 3B > j.B delay j.C > land dash jc > j.B shorter delay j.C > land dash > 3B > j.A j.B > dj.B dj.C > 421C

With Gier, you can replace the combo ender (6HC 3B j.B etc.) with 236236D for an unblockable setup. This setup is most effective in the corner. Since you no longer need a homing bar for the ender, you can repeat the loop up to 3 times, enough to carry the opponent across the entire stage, and enough to give you a super bar.

Basic Kodama Combo 1

  • 2A 2B 2C > 41236A > 6[HC] (hold down D, wait until Kamui is about to move forward) > 63214[A]+B (Kodama, hold down the A button) > dash > 3B > j.B > dj.B dj.2C (release the A button, Kodoma will fire and the opponent will land on the projectile) > land > 3B > j.B > dj.B dj.C > 421C (3 hits) > optional 421A+B
damage without 421A+B super: 9,550 (13%)
damage with 421A+B super: 10,210 (11%)

The basic version of her most powerful combo, requiring 1 (or 2) supers. Note that this basic version alone may not deal enough damage to make it worth the difficulty of doing it.

After 6[HC], you must hold down D just long enough so that Kamui slides forward a bit (before and during Kodama). The longer you hold down D, the easier the timing for 66 dash > 3B becomes -- sometimes you don't even need to dash. To get the first dj.B to connect, you need to do it asap after j.B. If you release Kodama a little too early, it will bounce your opponent too high for 3B to connect. The timing for releasing Kodama also depends on how long you held down D earlier.

Basic Kodama Combo 2

  • 2A 2B 2C > 41236B > 63214[A]+B (hold onto A) > 3B > j.B > dj.B (release A) dj.2C > 5[HC] (hold onto D) > dj.C > land > j.A j.B > dj.B dj.C > 421C (3 hits) > optional 421A+B
damage without 421A+B super: 9,890 (10%)
damage with 421A+B super: 10,409 (9%)

To get all 3 hits of 421C, delay the last dj.B and dj.C a little bit.

Alternate ender: dj.B dj.C > 22x (Wazabane).

Post-Launch One Homing Cancel Combo

  • 3C or 5A+D > 5[HC] (hold down D) > j.A j.B > dj.B dj.C > 421C (3 hits) > optional 421A+B
damage from 3C without super: 7,981 (38%)
damage from 3C with super: 9,901 (32%)
damage from 5A+D without super: 5,799 (24%)
damage from 5A+B with super: 6,999 (20%)

Post-Launch Two Homing Cancel Combo

  • 3C or 5A+D > 5[HC] (hold down D) > j.A j.B j.C > 6HC > j.A j.B > dj.B dj.C > 421C (3 hits) > optional 421A+B
damage from 3C without super: 9,314 (22%), up by 1,333
damage from 3C with super: 10,454 (19%), up by 553
damage from 5A+D without super: 6,665 (15%), up by 866
damage from 5A+B with super: 7,445 (13%), up by 446

The "up by" numbers show how much damage increase you get for using a second homing cancel. Use these to judge whether the extra damage is worth the extra homing cancel.

Irregular Homing Cancel Combo

  • 1A 1B 1C > 6B (2 hits) > 5[HC] (hold D) (hold up after D) > j.B delay j.C > land > j.B short delay j.C > land > dash > 3B > j.B > dj.B dj.2C or dj.C > 421A+B
damage with dj.2C ending: 8,271 (15%)
damage with dj.C 421A+B ending: 9,035 (11%)

You can use this combo when you have an irregular 6D given by the Time Arcana or Rock Arcana. HC5 has to be inputted after the second hit of [1]6B and before the projectile flies out for the 2nd hit so the opponent can't tech the combo and holding up after HC5 input causes you to fly higher a little bit so you can connect the j.B delay j.C without it this is impossible.

Vs Kira Combo 1

  • 2A 2B 2C > HC6 > 6A 5B 5C > 41236A (whiffs) > 5A > j.B j.C > 421C (3 hits) > optional 421A+B
damage without super: 7,685 (22%)
damage with super: 8,825 (19%)

This combo is useful if you are close to Kira but not right beside her. Similar to Basic BnB 2, except that 6A pushes Kira farther back than 5A, causing the 3B to whiff.

Vs Kira Combo 2

  • 2A 2B 2C > HC6 > 6A 5B 5C > 41236B (whiffs)
damage: 5,299 (54%)

This combo is useful if you are close enough for the 6A to connect, but too far for the 5A to connect afterwards.

41236B leaves you in a good position to hit Kira with 3B after she recovers. This can lead to a combined damage of more than 12,000.

Frame Data