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All Classic frame data is taken from Yoga Book Hyper scans, courtesy of Geo, and T. Akiba's data, translated by NKI. In cases of conflicting information, YBH's data is used except for Honda's Super as YBH needs translation there, and all of Akuma's attacks as YBH has no data for his attacks. Honda's Super and Akuma's attacks come from NKI's translation of Akiba's data. N.Sagat data is from YBH. Invincible and airborne frame data is based on NKI's YBH translation pic. Original SRK Remix Frame Data thread.
All Remix frame data captured by Rufus on XBOX360, training mode, speed zero, hitboxes on, using video capture device Canopus ADVC 100 and edited with Kino. Many thanks Rufus. (Note: Some discrepancies on the order of 1 frame every 2-400 or so have been noticed.)

HDRlistofattacks.PNG HDRframesakumaryuken.PNG HDRframeschunliguile.PNG HDRframeszangiefdhalsim.PNG HDRframeshondablanka.PNG HDRframescammyfei.PNG HDRframeshawkdeejayboxer.PNG HDRframesclawsagatdictator.PNG

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