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Character Vitals

Bracket 1 [~9,000 Health] : Arthur, Chun Li, Morrigan, Rocket Raccoon, Spider-man, Strider Hiryu, X, Zero, Black Panther
Bracket 2 [~10,000 Health] : Captain America, Captain Marvel, Chris Redfield, Dante, Doctor Strange, Dormammu, Firebrand, Frank West (Lvl 1), Gamora, Ghost Rider, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Jedah, Nova, Ryu, Spencer, Ultron, Monster Hunter
Bracket 3 [~11,000 Health] : Haggar, Hulk, Nemesis, Thanos, Thor, Sigma

Universal Mechanics

Combo System

MvCI offers a versatile combo system which allows any character to reach their full potential. As a universal rule of thumb, all buttons can chain into the next of greater strength. For example Mvci lp.png combos into Mvci lk.png which can then combo into Mvci hp.png followed by Mvci hk.png. Punches are the lower priority with Kicks at a higher priority, however any combination of buttons can always lead into Mvci down.pngMvci hp.png which is a universal launcher that begins an air combo. For example you can do this combo:

Mvci lp.pngMvci lk.pngMvci hp.pngMvci down.pngMvci hk.png into Mvci down.pngMvci hp.png

Even though we already used Mvci hp.png early on, we can always link into a launcher at the end of your ground combo string. Some characters also have "command normals" which are normals that act differently when holding a direction. These command normals also take a similar priority, if for example you had a command normal on Mvci fwd.pngMvci lp.png and Mvci fwd.pngMvci hp.png, you should be able to do this combo:

Mvci lp.pngMvci fwd.pngMvci lp.pngMvci lk.pngMvci hp.pngMvci down.pngMvci hk.pngMvci fwd.pngMvci hp.png into Mvci down.pngMvci hp.png

After launching your opponent, hold Mvci up.png and you will chase your opponent in the air and continue the combo. Try this combo:

Mvci lp.pngMvci lk.pngMvci hp.pngMvci down.pngMvci hk.pngMvci down.pngMvci hp.png then jump by holding Mvci up.png then Mvci lp.pngMvci lk.pngMvci hp.pngMvci hk.png

As a universal rule of thumb, air Mvci hk.png is an air combo ender that will place your opponent into a Ground Bounce which can be followed up with another combo. After your first air Mvci hk.png is used in an air combo, your next air Mvci hk.png will put your opponent in a knockdown that you cannot follow up with, thus limiting your air combo potential to only two reps per character (however each characters combo paths are unique and you are encouraged to explore this system using your characters capabilities).

OTG Rules

Any move that hits a character in OTG state will pickup the OTG (unlike other games where there are specific moves needed to pickup OTG).

A combo only has 1 OTG shared between both characters. Sliding knockdown state will lead to an OTG state when the animation ends (the feet hit the ground). Ground bounce also consumes OTG.

Some moves will pickup OTG and refresh the OTG for the combo (allowing for a 2nd OTG pickup). The developers call these movers "OTG Relaunch Attacks" These moves are limited to 2 uses within a combo.

  • Dante: Volcano, Drive
  • Thanos: Titan Charge HP
  • Jedah: Turbine dell’Ira LK/HK
  • Captain America: Trick Shield LK
  • Strider Hiryu: Formation B: Shoot
  • Frank: How to Use HP (includes air version)
  • Zero: Hyouretsuzan
  • Nova: Nova Punch
  • Spencer: Bionic Bomber LK/HK
  • Dormammu: Purification LP/LK/HP/HK
  • Arthur: Torch

Note: moves like Thanos' Titan Charge and Nova's Nova Punch cause a ground bounce and so do not reset the OTG because their ground bounce consumes the OTG. Instead, this property gives them a better ground bounce than they would get without it. Videos here demonstrating Titan Charge working normally vs after using 2 OTG Relaunch Attacks within a combo.

Combo Fluidity

You may have noticed that the air combo you performed above is universal, there are other universal systems in place in this game. Characters with an Air Dash or Double Jump can cancel their attacks into a Dash/Jump on hit or block into another Dash/Jump attack. Characters who have flight can extend their air dash attacks repetitively in order to rack up solid damage.

When doing a combo you have the available limits: 1 Wall Bounce, 1 Ground Bounce and 1 OTG (Off the Ground). If you try to use a combo with 2 wall bounces, the second wall bounce may make the enemy fly full screen but they won't bounce off and can sometimes end the combo. If you try to use 2 ground bounces, your opponent will automatically enter a hard knockdown you cannot combo from. Finally, you can OTG with practically any button or special to extend combos from a basic air combo and add a lot more damage. What's interesting about the system however, is that it tracks these limits for each character on your team, meaning, you can get multiple bounces in a combo as long as you use Active Switch Mvci tag.png (also known as tag-ins, tagging, etc.) to reset the available limit. Wall bounces, ground bounces and OTGs are also sometimes referred to as "resources", so think of a combo as having resources you must manage and try to cooperate with your partner through the use of Active Switch to extend your resources. These resources of course will reset anytime your opponent escapes the combo and enters neutral again and you can also find creative ways to interrupt and prevent the limit on one of these properties by using tags.

As mentioned, tagging is an important mechanic when it comes to combos and can greatly extend what you are otherwise only capable of as a solo character. Working tag-ins to your combos is effective yet simple and it's a big part of the game so get used to using it often. When a character is brought in through Active Switch, they come out in an attack, if they strike an opponent in the air or while being juggled in a combo they can wall bounce if near the corner and ground bounce when they land. You can always interrupt your Active Switch by holding forward, backward or down which can be important if you dont want your tag to cause a wall bounce so you can save it for later.

A simple combo you can try utilizing what we've learned above and the Active Switch mechanic. First, in training mode go to the corner to make this easier (you can do this by setting your screen position to Right Side of Screen).

Mvci lp.pngMvci lk.pngMvci hp.pngMvci down.pngMvci hk.pngMvci down.pngMvci hp.png
Mvci up.pngMvci lp.pngMvci lk.pngMvci hp.pngMvci hk.png
Mvci tag.png
Mvci down.pngMvci hp.png
Mvci up.pngMvci lp.pngMvci lk.pngMvci hp.pngMvci hk.png

However, it's important to know that if you tag during a combo, your opponent will be left with more overall red health which can be recovered.

Decision Making

This guide is very helpful in laying out the basics of strong fundamentals when it comes to resource management in MvC:I

Player Mechanics