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  • Lilica Felchenerow (リリカ・フェルフネロフ, Ririka Ferufunerofu?) (cv. Mayako Nigo)

Her mother is a human, and her father is a demon. Lilica inherited her powers and her demonic features from her father. She enjoys skipping school and skating around town on the roller blades her father bought her. She loves playing pranks on people and has very little patience for things that don’t interest her. Because of her magical ability, she can sense a disturbance in the skies above Tokyo, but she really does not seem to care all that much. Also, Lilica is a close friend to Yoriko Yasuzumi, in despite of their incident.

The inline skates Lilica loves so much were given to her by her father on her tenth birthday. Because he did not know her shoe size, he accidentally got her skates that were too big for her at the time. However, this only made Lilica happier because it meant she could wear them for a long time and not outgrow them. Lilica has customized them a number of times over the years. Last year, she saved up enough money to install ether-powered motors on them. These motors react to Lilica’s magical ability and can accelerate and decelerate instantaneously. There are no skates like them in the world, and anyone but Lilica would probably find them too cumbersome to wear. Nevertheless they’ll always be her prized possession.

Move list


4/6A+D: (2500 dmg) Lilica Grab

  • Lilica grabs you by the neck with her legs and flips you over.

5A+D: (1700 dmg) Lilica Launch Grab

  • Lilica hits you and then kicks you up in the air. If you followup the throw, the damage scaling automatically starts at 50%.

j.A+D: (2500 dmg) Lilica Air Grab

  • The same as her ground 4/6A+D throw, but in the air.

Normal moves

2A: (500 dmg) Lilica Low Punch (Can Jump Cancel)

  • Lilica crouches and punches while looking really angry. This is a fast low jab that acts as the standard fast low for close range. A basic starter for combos.

2B: (1000 dmg) Lilica Low Kick (Can Jump Cancel)

  • Lilica gets really low to the ground and hits you with the tip of her rollerblade with her leg extended as far as it can go. This move is another really good starter for combos, as it has long range, is quite fast, and Lilica goes really low to the ground, sometimes going under many standing moves.

2C: (1700 dmg) Lilica blade Trip (Knockdown)

  • Lilica gets on the ground and does a double kick trip with both of her legs. This is her trip, you can homing cancel this forward with most arcana's and go into your Lilica Loop combo from this. Beware that the recovery time for this move is quite slow, so if the opponent activates their arcana in the middle of Lilica doing the trip, they can hit her before she recovers. You can also cancel this into her 623 Flash Kicks without having to use a homing cancel.

5A: (500 dmg) Lilica Punch (Can Jump Cancel)

  • Typical Standing Jab, looks the same as her 2A but standing. After clashing with the opponent in the air if Lilica is on the ground, this move is essential. It is also essential for doing her normal loop combo from 2C HC6, and her corner combos that involve running up and doing 5A 5B Flash Step combos.

5B: (1100 dmg) Lilica Kick (Can Jump Cancel)

  • Lilica turns around and hits you one of her legs extending. This move has many many different uses. If the opponent is activating their arcana when you're doing 2A2B2C and punishing 2C, try doing 2A2B5B2C to get the opponent to activate on the 5B instead of the 2C, which will leave Lilica safe. You can also cancel this move into her 236/214 Accel Slide series, and do what is essentially the same as an instant cancel. This allows you to combo this move in the corner many many times over. In addition, this move can combo into her 236a~C Heel Kick which is how you start her standard bread and butter combo. This move is also very useful for starting clashes as it has many active frames that it'll clash with moves the opponent is doing.

5C: (2265 dmg) Lilica Axe Kick (Can Jump Cancel)

  • Lilica does a 2 hit kick straight down. This move has less range than 2C, but it recovers faster, so the opponent cannot punish it with an arcana activation. In addition, for arcana's that do not have a standard 6D homing cancel (Time and Earth), you can use this to start her combos because 5C combos into 236a~B 236C, at which point you can homing cancel in the air there to continue comboing.

jA: (600 dmg) Lilica Air Palm (Can Jump Cancel)

  • Lilica hits diagonally down with her palm in the air. Super good quick air move. The range is a bit lacking, but for the speed and the use, it's really a good move.

jB: (1300 dmg) Lilica air Kick (Can Jump Cancel)

  • Lilica extends one of her legs forward in the air and kicks. The move hits below her, forward, and even behind her, as it can cross up. Its very very useful because it's not only quick, but it has really good range and can be used as a crossup. Use often.

jC: (2000 dmg) Lilica blade Air Slam (Can Jump Cancel)

  • Lilica extends one of her legs at a 45 degree angle down. If you hit an opponent in the air with this, it slams them down to the ground. This move also crosses up. Its a pretty useful alternative to j.B, but it pushes the opponent a bit far away on hit, so be careful you don't whiff moves trying to do a combo.

Command Normals

6C: (uncharged - 2200 dmg, fully charged - 2700 dmg) Lilica legs Long Kick (Chargable, Wallslam)

  • Lilica winds up and extends one of her legs forward as far as it can go. Unblockable in air, really long range, and on hit will send the opponent flying at the wall. However, Konoha can duck under it, and it is quite slow.

3C: (uncharged - 2300 dmg, fully charged - 2900 dmg)Lilica blades Launcher (Chargable, Launcher)

  • Lilica sits on the ground and kicks up. Also unblockable in the air, and surprisingly fast and long range for a 3C. Charging it all the way is also quite quick and not always easy to stop.

6B: (1100 dmg) Lilica Forward Sliding Kick (Can Jump Cancel)

  • Same animation as her 5B, but she moves forward when doing it. Useful for clashing.

4B: (1100 dmg) Lilica Backwards Sliding Kick (Can Jump Cancel)

  • Same animation as her 5B, but she moves backwards when doing it. Useful for clashing.

Special Moves

Tornado Edge - 623A/B/C, 236A/B/C, 236A/B/C: (A and C ender - 3140 dmg, B ender - 3292 dmg, first and second hit do the same damage for any button) Lilica Flash Kicks (Can be done in the air)

  • This is one of her most useful series. The first initial hit acts as a dragon punch type move, where she kicks up with her rollerblades. However, instead of only having one, you can do it 3 times. The second kick is always the same, but the third kick changes depending on which button you press. 236A as the last kick has Lilica kicking the opponent straight up one more time, which is the most useful for continuing to combo them with homing cancels afterwards. The 236B ender is the most useless as it just kicks the opponent forward against a wall. The 236C ender is also useful as the ender if you're not going to finish your combo because it kicks the opponent down to the ground. You can combo these after 2C, after you do an air combo, you can end with this series into her 236A+B super as well for high damage. You can even do this move after you tech on the ground to hit the opponent if they try to wake you up. In Arcana Heart FULL!, the move was changed so Lilica does not fall straight to the ground after recovery, but can move around in the air and block as she wishes after doing the move, which is a huge improvement. Essentially, this move allows you to make long air combos which many other characters are not capable of doing without the help of an arcana.

Flip Through - (In the air) 214A/B/C: (3200 dmg) Lilica Air Grab

  • Lilica does an air somersault and depending on which button you push depends on the angle that she flies down on after the somersault. If it's blocked, Lilica bounces off and you can move and do what you want. If it hits, she will flip the opponent over similar to her normal 4/6A+D grab. You can hit the opponent on the ground after that, as well.

Axel Slide F - 236A/B/C: Lilica Accel Slide F

  • Lilica glides forward on her rollerblades. Useless on its own, but the followups are what makes this useful.

Axel Slide B - 214A/B/C: Lilica Accel Slide B

  • Same as the Accel Slide F, but just backwards.

High Pressure - (During Axel Slide) A+C: Lilica Flash Step

  • Lilica stops the slide and recovers instantly. There is a small green shadow that appears. You can do this instantly from donig either accel slide. This means that you can cancel certain normal moves into her Accel Slide and then from that, cancel into the Flash Step, giving a much faster recovery than you would normally have from the moves you do. This allows for combos that are not possible without the Flash Step. If Lilica is at a wall, instead of doing 2C HC6 5A 5B 236A~C (which one might normally do in the middle of the screen for her combo), she can do 2C HC6, 5A 5B~214A+C 5B~214A+C run up 5A 5B~214A+C etc. That is not the only possibility. She can do 2A 2B on block, and then 236A~A+C right next to the opponent and then throw them instantly. Flash step is a huge part of Lilica's advanced gameplay. If you're just beginning, you don't need to worry about it too much, but be prepared to use it often at high levels of play.

Quick Air - (During Axel Slide F) 236A: Lilica Jump

  • After her 236 Accel Slide, the Accel Slide 236B LoliSlide (see below) or the Accel Slide 236C Heel Kick, she can do 236A and do a command jump that isn't very different from a normal jump forward. The usefulness for this comes in a couple of ways. First, you can do the low slide, and if the opponent blocks, you can do the jump and then mixup your next air attack on them. Also, after doing a successful bread and butter combo that ends in the Heel Kick, you can do 236A j.B double jump j.B j.C, for example, to finish off the combo.

Wall Step - (During Axel Slide B) 236A: Lilica Wall Bounce

  • During Backwards accel slide only, if you do 236A, lilica will jump to the wall behind her and then take a huge leap forward from that wall. Not all that useful, but can be used for tricks every once in a while.

Speed Blade - (During Axel Slide) 236B: (1600 dmg) Lilica Slide

  • During Accel Slide, or the Accel Slide 236C Heel Kick, if you do 236B, Lilica will do an animation similar to her 2B, but will go very far forward at the same time as doing it. Unlike the 2B, however, if it hits, it will trip the opponent. This combos into 236C, so doing Accel slide 236B 236C will indeed combo the opponent. Also, for her normal bread and butter, it involves getting the Heel Kick to hit, and then after that, you do the 236B slide and whiff it into another 236C Heel Kick which will hit the opponent. You can do this instantly if you do 236a~B.

Heel Cutter - (During Axel Slide) 236C: (2600 dmg) Lilica Heel Kick

  • During Accel Slide, or the Accel Slide 236B LoliSlide, if you do 236C, Lilica will take a giant leap forward and end with a heel kick. This move does a lot of damage, and it is very easy to both combo from, and combo with. It has huge range, so the surprise factor can cause major damage to the opponent if they're not careful. It is essential in her bread and butter combo that was explained briefly above. Similar to above, you can do an instant heel kick if you do 236a~C.

Super Moves

Hurricane Spiral - 236AB: (5780 dmg) Lilica Flash Kick Super (Can be done in the air)

  • The first hit looks the same as her 623 flashkick. If the opponent blocks it, then she just falls to the ground. If the opponent does not block it, then she does a 4 hit flashkick barrage that ends with her kicking the opponent to the wall similar to how her 236B ender looks. This super is VERY useful and you will find yourself using a lot of meter for it. This super combos after just about every attack Lilica has, both on the ground and in the air. After you hit with the first hit, you can Homing Cancel down and Heel Kick the opponent and combo them for a LOT of damage. In the air, it also does a lot of damage if you end with it compared to what other characters can do, or what other characters supers in the air do.

Cyclone Storm - 214AB: (8098 dmg) Lilica Maximum Spider

  • Lilica jumps to the wall behind her and then shoots down/forward. If blocked, she bounces off the same way she does from her air 214 series. If it hits, she does a 10 hit combo. It's possible to combo after, but its diffult and not very practical. This move isn't used too often, as it cannot be comboed into easily and you have to somewhat hope to just randomly have it hit. A couple of uses are for when your opponent cannot block, such as when they activate the Earth Arcana, but for the most part, you don't need to use this move.


So you decided to play the blonde girl with pointy ears, batwings, pigtails, spandex, and rollerblades? Now you're probably asking "What did i get myself into?", right? Good question.

Lilica is a speed character. While not the fastest in the game, as Konoha is much faster, still quite fast and agile. She's meant to be all over the place.

The first thing i will say is that if you ever plan on playing Lilica at a high level, you better either have top notch execution or be ready to practice a lot to bring your execution level to as good as it can be. While the playstyle of Lilica isn't the most complex, not nearly as much as Lieselotte or Maori, for example, she has some of the hardest combos in the game and requires a lot more button presses for some of the same results that other characters can achieve. So if you think you're bad at comboing and don't have the execution to play a hard character, i would probably suggest starting with an easier character, but ultimately, if you've decided that you're up for the challenge, then continue reading.

Rather than create a "strategy section" where i just say what i do (which will most likely be a boring read), i feel it will be more beneficial to say certain things Lilica can do in each matchup (so more of a fact list than a "this is a good strat" list), and what to be careful about against each character, arcana, and in general. Obviously, the more i play, the more i will discover, so this is a never-ending process, pretty much.

Vs Fiona

  • If you're in between her 5C/j.2C range and the range of Lilica's hits, don't try anything

Vs Kira

  • You have to be careful with her normal juggle vs Kira. In many cases after you do 2C HC6, it's best to do 2A 5B instead of 5A 5B because it is liable to hit more.

Vs Mei Fang

  • Be careful when doing air to air against mei fang, cause a j.A could lead to multiple j.C 5D j.C's into lots of damage.

Vs Lilica

  • If Lilica is doing 236a~B 236C, you can punish the 236C with a 236A+B.

Vs Yoriko

  • If Lilica air dashes at Yoriko, Yoriko's 236A+B will beat out whatever Lilica does. Be a little less aggressive and bait out her strong anti-air.

Vs Heart

  • Be very weary of Heart's 5B. If you clash with it, and you're in the air and she's on the ground, 236A+B will beat it out. Anything else you do will most likely get you hit.

Vs Saki

  • Saki super beats out Lilica super. Don't do it off the ground too much
  • Saki 2C goes under Lilica 5B, so don't use 5B (or 6B) to clash.

Vs Kamui

  • Lilica can 2B under Kamui's 5B
  • If Kamui does her Air 421A+B (after a GC4 for example), if Lilica does 236A+B at the same time, Lilica will hit Kamui

Vs Maori

  • Maori does not fare very well in close range combat. Since Lilica is a speed character, try to get in close and apply basic pressure.

Vs Konoha

  • 6C whiffs over her head when Konoha is crouching.
  • Konoha goes behind you after 236a~B 236C instead of in front of you.

Vs Lieselotte

  • 2A, 2B, 5C, 2C all hit the doll when it's out. 2B is by far the best choice to kill the doll with.

Arcana Evaluation


  • This arcana is an interesting choice for her (not in quite a good way though). Depending on the character she's playing against depends on how useful it is. Against Konoha, i feel as though she rushes down too much for it to be useful. Against things like a turtling Kamui using Niptra, you can use the charging to get Kamui to rush in. Aside from that, i feel as though i dont get bar fast enough and i feel like Lilica always needs one bar just in case she needs to use her 236A+B super. I dont feel like she really needs a sword and shield, and i dont think it does much to benefit the rushdown type character she is. Also, she has to sacrifice a wakeup at LEAST to do a powerup, and too much bar is dedicated to that when she needs her bar to do 236A+B's and so on.


  • This is a somewhat popular choice for Lilica players. It allows her to rush down more without worrying as much about getting hit thanks to the bubbles that float around her. Ending a combo with j.C and then doing 214D or 214214D after that gives her bubbles without having to worry about getting hit. She can also do things like 236B~A+C and buffer in the super grab for a really quick setup for an unbreakable grab. It fits really well into her rushdown, especially if the opponent is good at blocking. Water is good for Lilica, but the more i see it, the more i just see it as not being as good as lightning or time for her. Mainly cause you need to already hit the opponent in order to get where it's the strongest. Doing it randomly from far away works sometimes, but it can also get you killed, so be careful when doing it from far away.

Fire/Lang Gong:

  • This arcana is quite good all around. The fireball aimed down really does add a lot to her game. It hits in an area that she normally has a weakness stopping. The threat of the fireball as well is enough to make the opponent a bit careful when Lilica goes in the air, too. HC4 236236D is really good as it does not clash with the opponent the same way that HC4 236A+B may. 641236D is really good for chip, but you can use it in a couple of spots for extra damage, such as doing 5A 5B 5C 236a~B 236C 642136D 236a~C HC into more combo. Lilica's charged 3[C] is also really good, and combined with the fact that it's unblockable with fire is quite helpful. Not the best, but certainly worth trying.


  • This arcana is fun and a solid choice for Lilica, but doesnt really add that much to her game like it does for other characters. The double air dash is always nice, but the D button tends to work just as well for the double air dash purpose. Triple jump helps extend combos, but for Lilica, since her air combos go on for so long, it doesnt add much. The 236D boomerang is cool and can be used for pressure, but overall its a pretty weak projectile. The 623D tornado is kind of cool, but there's stronger pressure options. The drop down with 2D is what adds the most to her game, imo. It allows her to get to the ground immediately and can make for crazy movements along with all her other movement options. I think that the GC6 pushblock also doesn't really give her the benefits that it gives characters with longer range. Lilica WANTS to be close, not push the opponent away. Might be useful against Konoha or Liese, but against other characters, i feel it's best she get in.

Death/Dieu Mort:

  • This arcana is actually decent for her, as in, not the worst one she has. The teleports don't do much, but the 236D poison cloud is really good. After she does her heel kick combo and ends with j.B dj j.BC, if she does 236D, and the opponent techs, theyre forced to block it, which gives Lilica pressure. If they dont tech, they get hit and are now poisoned. If they wait a bit and tech late, theyll get put in the corner with the poison cloud right in front of them. It lets Lilica keep the pressure on. Also, once she activates the arcana, because loop keeps them comboed for so long, she can do a lot of damage with the poison arcana also, but that's standard for this arcana, i suppose. I believe if she goes really high in the air and does a combo that ends in 623B 623B 623C, she can send a cloud down (if theyre in the corner) and have the same mixup as above (provided she D's down). However, it just doesnt offer all the options that other arcana's offer, or that this arcana offers other characters like Lieselotte or Maori. The extra damage that she could get from arcanas like Fire or Electricity aren't quite there with this arcana, as there's no known guaranteed combos into poison cloud.


  • I love this arcana, but overall, i feel its somewhat weak for Lilica. Everything is solid, but it doesnt allow her to keep the pressure enough, and it doesnt add to combos. In the air, her 236A+B does enough damage that even if she connects the 641236D super lazer after say, 623B 236B 236B (which is somewhat situational since you have to have them about 3/4 or more of the screen away from a wall) it will only do a tiny bit more than her 236A+B super would have done anyways. Everything else is decent, but if the opponent just doesnt spam stuff from far away, they're not gonna get hit by the lazer, and if they just block or bounce back her 236D, then its not even worth using really. 236236D is kinda nice, but her bar is better used. The arcana summon is really good, but not worth using the arcana, IMO.


  • This is, in my opinion, the strongest arcana for Lilica. Due to Lilica's high speed, the clashing that this arcana is based around is really strong for Lilica. If she clashes 2A with Kamui, doing 2B will beat out every other option Kamui can do. And there's numerous ways to clash with it as well. Running forward is always good because Lilica is a strong pressure character, and charging her 3C or her really long range 6C also causes clash, which is also really really good. In the corner, once she grounds you after her corner combo, she can do 214214D and pressure you with guard crush mixups and then combo off of the lightning super. In addition, if she hits you with a charged 3[C], she can do her 632146D super for free damage that nothing can be done about. The 623D is too good overall, and Lilica generally wins clashes, so against characters she DOES, she will now. In addition, ending a flash step combo with 2C (which will already deal a lot of damage if you fully combo the opponent) allows you to 214214[D] into charged 3[C] or 6[C] for crazy damage in addition to what she just comboed you with.


  • I originally thought that this is prolly the worst arcana for Lilica. However, the more i looked at the arcana itself, the more i realize how strong it really is, regardless of the character. There are a lot of things going for it that i didn't originally realize. The rock punches can add a lot of damage to combos, and super armor is underrated. In addition, Lilica is a character that doesn't rely on her 2C 6D for combos the way most of the other characters do, though it's helpful. She has far more alternatives than the rest. In the corner, the 641236D punch will automatically hit the opponent and have them bounce off the wall for a free combo is very helpful. Its far too fast to actually stop the same way charged moves can be stopped. Also, the super armor combined with Lilica's already strong 3[C] makes it not worth ruling out. However, it doesn't add enough to make choosing this one over another arcana worth it on its own.


  • This arcana is really in a world of its own. Its like stone in the sense that she can't combo off of 2C due to the 6D dash being different, but time adds a lot more to Lilica's game. The ability to charge the moves allows for her to pressure while the thread of the charge move is sitting there. This is especially good for her because after a normal 4/6A+D throw, she can charge her 6[C], and because of its huge range, she can do a mixup of 6Ding to the other side of the opponent or staying on the same side and crossing up their blocking. After her 236A+B super, she can set up the 236236D super, and get into possibly a bigger combo. in the air, if she hits with 236236D, she can do air 214C and ground the opponent and then go for outwaiting them and getting them to freeze so she can combo them. After she does 5A 5B 5C 236a~B236C, she can do the 236236D super as well and set up for possibly a full life combo. The backdash allows her to get out of many things that other arcana's couldnt stop, and allows her to punish moves from long range because heel kick and slide are so fast that if the opponent whiffs a move from the backdash, she can punish. In addition, the 6D allows her to get out of certain situations, or cause crazy crossups with the super long range 6[C], as i mentioned earlier. The downsides to this arcana is obviously losing the 2C HC6, but you can still do 2C 623A 236A 236A HC8 j.B double jump j.B and then continue to combo. In addition, if you are really going to make the time arcana work, you have to be prepared to do what i feel is the hardest combo with this character, which i mentioned above for her wall combo and timing the 236236D and so on. One small input error and you could throw the match that you had in the bag. Aside from that, this is a great arcana for her.


  • This arcana is weak overall. However, Lilica can still benefit a bit. She can use the 214D seeds for setups into the heel kick overhead (seeds have to be blocked low), but its quite difficult to set them up well. The plant grab honestly doesnt really help extend her combos because as i keep saying, she does that well enough on her own. So other characters that it may benefit more, like Yoriko or Kamui, for example, might use it, but Lilica doesn't need it for damage, and it doesn't honestly add that much anyways. She might be able to do the 236236D super after her 236A+B super, but the life drain gained from that is pretty sad, as well as the damage done. Overall, a weak arcana, so Lilica not benefiting much from it is no surprise.


  • Gier is good because any character can use it and do pretty well. Lilica can also use it and do well. It gives good setups, and she can combo off of it like most characters. It keeps the opponent pressured, and thats really really strong in this game, but i feel like she should be rushing the opponent down trying to stop them from doing anything, not activating gier and waiting for the opponent. Therefore, imo, the defensive aspect of what makes gier really good for Kamui is lost, and the pressure it gives can also be done with Lightning in the corner after an air combo, but Lightning offers more. Gier can do the same thing, after a combo into 2C, you can call all three giers and then do a charge move, but lightning can do the same thing and has way more in terms of clashing. Again, Gier is still really good and can be used really really well for any character, so its always a safe bet, but i dont feel like it utilizes what makes Lilica a good character, just one aspect.

Yeah, that took a while, hopefully it helped, and again, its all just my opinion, none of this stuff is set in stone and the only way things are, but i feel it correctly depicts the arcana's for her. For those who dont want to read the above, here's essentially what i said:

Best Arcana's for Lilica:

  • Lightning
  • Time

Decent Arcana's for Lilica

  • Water
  • Fire
  • Gier

Ok Arcana's for Lilica

  • Death
  • Love
  • Wind
  • Earth

Weak Arcana's for Lilica

  • Steel
  • Plant


The following are all assuming you are NOT using the Earth or Time Arcana, which have a different 6D. In that case, see "Other Combo Starters" Furthest possible distance hitting with 2C:

  • 6D 5A 5B 236a~C 236B 236C 236B 236C 236A j.B j.BC

normal 2C distance:

  • 6D 5A 5B~214A+C 5B 236a~C 236B 236C 236B 236C 236A j.B j.BC

The timing for the 5B~214A+C is essentially just cancelling the 5B with 214A+C so it recovers faster.

If you want to extend it, after 236C you have to immediately do 2D and then buffer in your next 236a~C before you even land and then do it immediately. You can then do 4 heel kicks, so after you 2D and do 236a~C, you do 236B 236C 236B 236C 236B 236C and after that you can again choose to use another homing cancel or do 236A j.B j.BC to finish. Most of the time, however, if you get the opponent to the wall, you are going to want to do the combo listed below (instead of 2C 6D 5A, just 2D 5B after the last heel kick in the air, or 6D 5B after the heel kick when you land)

In the corner, an alternative combo that involves Flash Step (BTW anytime it's written 5B FS, it means the same as 5B~214A+C, and is the same as saying you're flash-stepping your 5B):

  • 2C 6D 5A 5B~214A+C 5B~214A+C 5B~214A+C dash forward 5A 5B~214A+C 5B~214A+C 5B~214A+C dash forward 5A 5B~214A+C 5B~214A+C [236a~C 236A j.B j.BC]. It doesnt really matter what order you do the dash forwards, but about 7-8 5B's is the correct amount. You can do 3,3,2 as listed here, 1,2,4 or 3,2,3 or whatever. Find what you like using.

To finish with 2C, the normal method is: (in corner after heel kick 2D to continue combo) 5B~214A+C from tip range, dash forward 5A 5B~214A+C dash forward 5A 5B~214A+C 6B~214A+C 6B/5B~214A+C (this one depends on their height) 5B~214A+C 2C. That's a 1,1,4. The other option is 1,5: (in corner after heel kick 2D to continue combo) 5B~214A+C from tip range, dash forward 5A 5B~214A+C 6B~214A+C 6B~214A+C 5B~214A+C 5B~214A+C 2C. Either one works for the purpose of ending your combo with 2C.

The reason why you would finish with 2C would be for setup purposes. It grounds the opponent and gives Lilica a reasonable length of time to do whatever she pleases in terms of wakeup.

Air combos:

  • j.A j.B double jump j.A j.B 623A 236A 236A 8D j.A 623A 236A 236A 5[D] j.A j.B 623A 236A 236C

Other combo starters:

  • 5C 236a~B 236C - After that, you can continue the combo any way you choose by homing cancels.
  • 236A+B, after the first hit, 2D or 1D and then you can do 236a~C into her loop from that. If you go straight down, you might want to do 5B~214A+C 5B 236a~C into three heel kicks.

Accel Slide (214A/B/C or 236A/B/C) 236B 236C 236B 236C 236B 236C. You can do the accel slide into the low slide and then do that straight into 236C to start her loop from that. You can get 3 repitions of the heel kick before you need to homing cancel to continue the combo.

Accel Slide 236C 236B 236C 236B 236C 236B 236C. If you start ANY combo (or after a homing cancel have the first hit be the heek kick) then you can 4 repitions of the heel kick before you need to homing cancel to continue the combo.

Arcana Specific Combo's:

For this section, i'm only going to post ones that are somewhat useful in real gameplay. So anything you see in those combo video's that takes 9 bars and uses all of it plus the activation i'm not going to write here as it's not really appliable to stuff you would use in a real match. This is also not a full list, as i do not have the game AS OF YET and cannot completely check a few other possibilities i may be thinking of.


  • No Steel specific combos known at the moment.


  • No Water specific combos known at the moment. However, doing 214D or 214214D water bubbles after the final air knockdown in her normal loop is recommended.

Fire/Lang Gong

  • Any version of any attack that gets you into 236a~C and when you land with it, do 632146D fire super into another 236a~C into either a homing cancel or a finisher.
  • After the third hit on 236A+B, cancel the super into 632146D, into air dash forward 623C 236C 236C or air dash forward j.C


  • You can follow up the 623D the same way you would follow up a 3C or an A+D throw.
  • After the third hit of 236A+B cancel the super into 236236D. I believe you can follow that up into 623C 236C 236C flashkicks.

Poison/Dieu Mort

  • The only way to combo into poison cloud is through a 236A+B cancelled, after which you can heel kick into her normal combo.
  • You can obviously do 6C or 6[C] into 412364D teleport switch super, and just combo it the same way you could combo as if you had time 6C 6D.


  • If you're on one end of the screen and you do her 236A+B, you can follow that up with 641236D. If they're close to a wall, they can tech it, though.
  • You can cancel the third hit of 236A+B into 236236D into 623C series flashkicks i believe.


  • You can cancel the third hit of 236A+B into 236236D into 623C series flashkicks, i believe.
  • 3[C] on hit OR block into 632146D.
  • Do Lilica's FS combo that ends in 2C and cancel that into 214214D, and then do a 6[C] or 3[C] to guard crush.


  • 2A 2B 5C 236a~B 236C 236236D 214A236C HC2 [5B FS dash forward, 5A 5B FS dash forward, 5B FS 5B FS 5B FS 5B 2C 236A A+C 2B 236D] *opponent freezes, and 236D hits them* 236a~C (they unfreeze) 5B FS 5B FS dash forward, 5A 5B FS 5B 236a~C HC8 j.B 236236D land 236a~C HC2, repeat from brackets to the opponent freezing.
  • If they are still on the ground when they freeze, you can start from the beginning of the combo. If they are in the air, you must do from where the brackets end.
  • This is one of the most difficult, difficult combos in the game (and all the varieties from it). the 5C 236a~B 236C is just frame timing. Too late, and it wont hit, too early, it won't come out, has to be timed just right. the 236236D as well, has to be timed right, and is the single most inconsistent part of the entire time loop. Too early, you get a homing cancel, too late, it goes under them. It IS possible to hit them mid screen, but you cannot do the time loop then (unless you're close enough to the wall where you can hit them forward to it). They must be at the corner, or pretty close to it when you hit with the time super if you want to loop them (or if you get good, you can do it from about half the screen away by 3D instead of 2D after the heel kick). After they get hit by the super, they have a bit of time where they're stuck for a bit, so you want to do a BACKWARDS 214A accel slide into the heel kick. Don't cancel the heel kick right away, and don't go 3D when you cancel it (unless youre midscreen). You want the 5B to hit from as far away as it possible can. So wait a little before cancelling, and then cancel straight down, she'll float back a little and be in the right spot. If you hit at full range with the 5B and then flash step it, you have time to do your FULL DASH and then 5A 5B FS for the 2nd rep. Then you have time to do ANOTHER full dash. This is where it gets a bit complicated. Dashing in the correct amount is crucial because you have to be close enough horizontally to hit the 2C after exactly 4 5B's. At the same time, you want to get the opponent at the right height so you can end with a 2C after 4 5B's, as well. So if you end up getting them at a medium height, you don't need to slow down the flash step kicks as much. If you get them at a high height, you need to slow down each hit of the flash step a lot in order to get them as close to the ground as possible. A simple way of doing that is to replace the 2nd 5B with a 6B, and if need be, the third one. I would always suggest to make the 2nd 5B a 6B because it really helps.
  • After successfully getting the 2C, you can cancel that into a 236A A+C high pressure cancel. Does NOT need to be flash step (though you cant insta-cancel 2C the way you can with 5B 2B and 5C), just as long as it brings Lilica closer and allows her to recover in time to 2B the opponent to make them automatically stand up. Otherwise they stay on the ground, or they can tech and will get frozen in the middle of that, and you cannot continue the time loop. You also want to cancel the 2B into 236D. The 236D will hit them regardless, and if they are on the ground, you can ground combo into loop again. If they are in the air, as in, they jumped right away after you 2Bed them OTG, the 236D will still hit them and you can then 236a~C while they're frozen. You then wait a bit as they will bounce up. Here, i suggest just doing a few Flash Stepped 5Bs, 4 is what i do, though you can vary (but its easiest for me at 4, and you still get damage from it), but its mainly to get a bit of your homing gauge charged again, and then after however many you do, do 236a~C. Once that hits, you do NOT want to cancel down, as your main priority is getting another time super on them to loop them again. So you want to homing cancel up and j.B 236236D. You want to do this as LOW to the ground as possible because if it is too high up, the next heel kick you do will miss. So assuming you get the j.B 236236D low enough, you do 236a~C AGAIN and HC2 to Flash Step 5B them until you 2C them, and then you just do the same thing over again until they're dead or until you run out of bar. If you run out of bar, just end your combo the same way you would normally end it after whatever move you want, generally just 236A after a heel kick is the norm.
  • Against Konoha, this whole thing is impossible because after 236a~B 236C hits when she's on the ground, she flies behind you so you can't connect the time loop on her. The only thing i can see is doing something into what you would do after 236a~C hits a frozen opponent and then doing the loop from that, but its a lot more complicated as you have to get Konoha to the corner and have a spot to do flash kicks on her. An easy starter is 2A 2B 236A+B if she's in the corner. Then you can do 5B FS 5B FS run up 5A 5B FS 5B 236a~C HC8 j.B 236236D land and 236a~C into loop. So not as easy, but not impossible, im pretty sure.
  • Against Kira, four 5B FS right before the timer is about to go down is impossible, but 3 is not. So i say do 3 and do what you can to keep her away from you for an extra second so she doesn't hit you and then she freezes. The thing is though, the 236236D timing is a lot less strict because when it would normally miss an opponent if you do it too early, it'll still hit Kira. In addition, you cannot HC2 into 5B, you must HC3 into 5B and start it off NEXT to her because the 5B won't hit at tip distance.
  • Against Lieselotte you should do the above mentioned 1,5 flash step into 2C. The cancel into 2B after 2C usually misses on her, so the 1,5 gives plenty of time for her to get up frozen. Also against Liese and Konoha, after the 2C hits, do 5B instead of 2B, as they bounce and 2B will whiff.


  • You can launch with 3C into j.A j.B 41236D and probably air dash forward into another j.B 41236D most likely, but its hard to follow up after that.


  • Any situation you can link say, the fire super, or any other arcana super, you can link the 236236D super. None are very practical. You can do things like 236D 4D 5B 236a~C 236A j.B j.B j.C for a combo, but it's not very practical as well.


  • Any gier bite you can heel kick after or in the corner go into corner flash step loop.
  • See lightning combo, but use gier super instead of lightning super.

Frame Data

(All data taken from .100% of the credit goes there)

2A: Lilica LoliLow Punch

  • 3 Frames

2B: Lilica LoliLow Kick

  • 8 Frames

2C: Lilica Loliblade Trip

  • 13 Frames

5A: Lilica LoliPunch

  • 3 Frames

5B: Lilica LoliKick

  • 9 Frames

5C: Lilica Axe Kick

  • 11 Frames

jA: Lilica Air Palm

  • 4 Frames

jB: Lilica Loliair Kick

  • 6 Frames

jC: Lilica Loliblade Air Slam

  • 10 Frames

Command Normals

6C: Lilica Lolilegs Long Kick

  • Not charged: 17 Frames
  • Charged: 40 Frames

3C: Lilica Loliblades Launcher

  • Not charged: 10 Frames
  • Charged: 24 Frames

6B: Lilica Forward Sliding LoliKick

  • 12 Frames

4B: Lilica Backwards Sliding LoliKick

  • 12 Frames

Special Moves

Tornado Edge - 623A/B/C, 236A/B/C, 236A/B/C: Lilica Flash Kicks

  • 623A: 9 Frames
  • 623B: 11 Frames
  • 623C: 14 Frames
  • In Air: 11 Frames

Flip Through - (In the air) 214A/B/C: Lilica LoliAir Grab

  • 29 Frames

Axel Slide F - 236A/B/C: Lilica Accel Slide F

  • Frame data N/A

Axel Slide B - 214A/B/C: Lilica Accel Slide B

  • Frame data N/A

High Pressure - (During Axel Slide) A+C: Lilica Flash Step

  • Frame data N/A

Quick Air - (During Axel Slide F) 236A: Lilica LoliJump

  • Frame data N/A

Wall Step - (During Axel Slide B) 236A: Lilica Wall Bounce

  • Frame data N/A

Speed Blade - (During Axel Slide) 236B: Lilica LoliSlide

  • 18 Frames if done instantly

Heel Cutter - (During Axel Slide) 236C: Lilica Heel Kick

  • 16 Frames if done instantly

Super Moves

Hurricane Spiral - 236AB: Lilica Flash Kick Super (Can be done in the air)

  • 0 Frames for the lights to dim, then 34 frames of the lights dimmed, then 4 frames for the attack to come out after that.

Cyclone Storm - 214AB: Lilica Maximum LoliSpider

  • After she touches the wall 15 frames for the lights to dim, then 30 frames of the lights dimmed, then 5 frames for the move to start the active frames