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Dee Jay is, as he was in ST, very secretly solid. His mixups off of a knockdown are limitless, his zoning capabilities are nothing to be scoffed at, and his set of normals definitely rivals the top tiers.

Color Options



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--Colors captured by Jizzon.
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Moves List

Command Normals


Max Out/Air Slash: Charge back, forward + P
Max Out is Dee Jay's projectile. It comes out very fast, is very wide, and very difficult to deal with for many characters (Honda especially).

Upkicks: Charge down, up + K
Upkicks are Dee Jay's staple anti air special. They have some invulnerability on startup (see ST entry for Dee Jay for specific frame data), with short having the most invulnerability, forward having less, and fierce having the least. They beat most jumpins cleanly, but get beaten in the air by a few things, namely crossup hurricane kicks.

Sobat/Dread Kicks: Charge back, forward + K
Dread kicks (or sobat kicks as they're sometimes known) have some lower invulnerability, allowing them to go over low attacks for a short time, and knock down (on the second hit of forward or roundhouse versions). The uses for dread kicks vary from Dee Jay to Dee Jay, but I find it useful for creating space in strings, ending a combo, or beating a low poke. They do good damage and dizzy.

Machinegun Upper: Charge down, up + mash punches
Machinegun Upper (or MGU for short) is an odd move. In ST, it was very difficult to get all 4 hits of it out, but in HDR it's been made easier so just about anyone can do it. It can also destroy fireballs in HDR. It's good for ending a combo or beating jumpins from certain ranges.


Sobat Carnival: Charge back, forward, back, foward + K
Dee Jay does a double dread kick which smacks the opponent for big damage, which he can follow up with 2 hits of a roundhouse or forward upkick. It has decent invulnerability which can pass through projectiles on startup. If you misspace it, your opponent can punish you between the 3rd and 4th hits with basically anything, so be wary. Can be juggled with after forward or roundhouse upkicks (2 hits from either, unless forward upkicks puts them against the wall, in which case you can get 3 hits of the super).

Changes From Super Turbo To HD Remix

Dee Jay didn't change a whole lot from ST to HDR. The only differences he acquired are an easier to mash out MGU (thus easier to combo into), which does less damage to compensate, roundhouse dread kicks now connect with the second hit more often (sped up second hit), and all 3 dread kicks can go over lows. He's still very solid, with a very solid set of normals and tools to handle most situations.

The Basics

Advanced Strategy


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