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Moves List

Move format

Name: ({part of opponent hit} {damage} {frame advantage})

Far Standing Normals

Jab: (high 4-6 +1-2) While this move has less reach than the rest of her standing normals, it has the best priority, as it doesn't add to her vulnerable hitboxes. It's also helpful to throw these out while walking backwards to charge backwards without having to duck. You can chain these jabs together in a combo.

Strong: (mid 19-21 +8-11) St. strong is an extremely fast poke with very good range. It's great for pressuring your opponent, especially because it leaves you at a small frame advantage and if you are close enough and they aren't in hit stun, you will throw them.

Fierce: (high 19-21 -4-+1) This is a bit slower than st. strong, but reaches slightly further. It also hits higher, making it work as an anti-air at certain angles.

Short: (mid 16-19 +1-5) St. short is extremely similar to st. strong, except that it's a little slower, does less hit/block stun, and is much harder to be swept out of. Mixing it in with st. strong pressure can help against opponents who have fast low attacks, making them think twice about throwing them out.

Forward: (high 21-22 +3-7) This is one of Chun Li's best grounded anti-air moves. It also has pretty good reach and also works well for stuffing opponents trying to throw fireballs at close range.

Roundhouse: (high 24-27 -2-+5) This is another grounded anti-air move and has a huge reach. While it can be used on a descending opponent, it works best for hitting someone just as they leave the ground.

Close Standing Normals

Jab: (mid, except high against Blanka and Cammy 16-18 +3-6) These are mostly just good for ticks and chaining them in combos.

Strong: (mid, except high against Blanka and Cammy 19-22 +8-11) Cl. strong can work as a decent anti-air move, but it mostly just comes out when you try to throw a frame too early. It's not a bad move, as it leaves you with as much frame advantage as st. strong.

Fierce: (mid 21-23 -11-+8) This move is mostly used for combos and block strings, as it has an extremely fast start up time, can be canceled into any special move, and does a lot of damage, dizzy, and pushback. By itself it has a long recovery time, though, so be careful.

Short: (mid 17-20 -2-+2) You'll mostly just use these for ticks.

Forward: (mid 21-24 -1-+7) This is Chun Li's best grounded anti-air normal. Use it for opponents who are jumping extremely close to you, especially against splash-style jump-ins like Zangief's, T. Hawk's, and E. Honda's. It has some start up time before it gets to the good hitbox, though.

Roundhouse: (mid 22-26 -7-2) It looks like a good anti-air, but the vulnerable hitbox is actually higher than the hitting one, so you will, at best, trade with jump-ins. It does hit higher than cl. forward, though, so if you don't mind trading and can time it well, you can hit more things with this.

Crouching Normals

Jab: (mid 3-6 +3-6) Similar to far standing jab, it does not extend your vulnerable hitbox to use it, so it is high priority. Thus, it's best used to punch other crouching punches.

Strong: (mid 16-18 +7-10) This is a pretty good poke and doesn't extend your bottom hitbox at all, so it can avoid some sweeps. It also works well in combos. It can also hit T. Hawk low at a very specific distance.

Fierce: (mid 15-24 -5-0) Similar to cr. strong, but slower and with more reach. It also has the same animation as cr. strong, so if you whiff one of those throwing out one of these could make it look like it will whiff, too. Like cr. strong, it can hit T. Hawk low at a very specific distance.

Short: (low 11-14 +2-5) Like cr. jab, it doesn't extend your vulnerable hitbox at all, so use it to stuff other sweeps.

Forward: (low 16-18 +7-11) This is quite possibly the best normal in the entire game. Fast, long reach, high priority, good frame advantage. When in doubt, use this move.

Roundhouse: (low 17-19 -5-0) While relatively slow, this is the best move to use to get a knockdown. It has a reasonable startup, extremely long range, but a very slow recovery. Fortunately, when she is in recovery her hitbox retracts to the normal crouching one, so you can often avoid retaliation if you whiff. This property also makes it a good meaty if you don't have time to safe jump, safe Neckbreaker, or meaty Kikkoken.

Neckbreaker (Down+Forward+HK): (mid 17-20) While this move looks like an overhead, it is not. It is instantly airborne, so it can be used to avoid throws and low attacks, but often goes high enough to avoid some high attacks, including fireballs. It also leaves you closer to your opponent than when you started, so you can use it to reset a mix up string. The other main use is to use it as a fast safe jump because it goes from airborne and hitting into grounded with no recovery in a single frame. It also knocks down, so you can repeat this move on an opponent that insists on not blocking. While it does not cross up itself, it is possible for you to land behind your opponent, so you can kind of fake a cross up by starting it a little bit early, landing behind them, then doing a move that will hit them from the opposite direction. Be careful, though, because you can be facing the wrong way if you attack right when you land. It can also be kara-cancelled into air Spinning Bird Kick by holding down, starting the Neckbreaker, then immediately executing the down-up-kick motion right after you are airborne.

Neutral Jumping Normals

Jab: (overhead 16-21) This move has limited range, but stays out the entire time you are jumping. It is slightly better than j. short for opponents attacking from below you, but not as good as an anti-air.

Strong: (overhead 17-23) This has more reach and priority than jab, but requires a small amount of timing.

Fierce: (overhead 21-27) You have to time it, but if this doesn't beat something air-to-air, nothing will.

Short: (overhead 16-19) This is the best all-purpose anti-air Chun Li has. It's pretty safe to do as it stays out the entire time and will beat most air attacks cleanly.

Forward: (overhead 16-22) It looks like neutral j. short, but it has slightly longer reach and a long vulnerable hitbox in the middle of the hitting one, making the other neutral jump attacks much better.

Roundhouse: (mid 19-27) While this move has only decent priority, it works well as an anti-air because it comes out extremely fast and, thus, can hit the start-up of other air attacks. You can also use it immediately after jumping to hit standing opponents, knocking them down.

Headstomp (Down+MK): (overhead 17-21) This is your anti-anti-air move. It can even stuff Shoryukens after their startup. After a headstomp you will pop up into the air in a short diagonal jump, regardless of whether you were rising or falling, and can do any diagonal jumping attack, including another headstomp. Just be careful, because you are extremely vulnerable after a headstomp that leaves you bouncing away from your opponent with your back turned. You can use an air Spinning Bird Kick to stay in the air longer to try to avoid anti-airs, but this can become predictable and be punished. The headstomp also has no minimum jump height for when it is started, so you can use it immediately after jumping to hit a crouching opponent. It must be blocked high, so this works as an instant overhead.

Diagonal Jumping Normals

Jab: (overhead, whiffs against crouching Blanka, Cammy, and sometimes Dictator 17-19) It has limited reach, decent priority, stays out until you land.

Strong: (overhead, whiffs against crouching Blanka 17-22) This has more reach and priority than jab, but needs a little timing.

Fierce: (overhead 21-26) This is Chun's highest priority diagonal jumping normal. If something is beating your j. short or j. forward, try this on it.

Short: (overhead 17-22) This move has good reach, ok priority, and stays out the entire time Chun is jumping. If you think your opponent may be jumping at the same time you are jumping, choose this move over j. forward.

Forward: (overhead 17-22) One of the best jumping normals in the game, it has good priority, great reach, and crosses up. It loses to attacks from opponents above Chun Li, though, so don't use this if your opponent jumped before you.

Roundhouse: (overhead, only hits a crouching Zangief, Dhalsim, Boxer, Sagat, Hawk, or Dee Jay 21-26) This move has some of the best priority against opponent's above Chun Li of any of her diagonal jumping normals.

Headstomp: See Neutral Jumping Normals

Wall Jump: It's not really an attack, but if you are jumping diagonally by the edge of the screen you can push away from it to jump again away from it. You can time this however you like, so it can be helpful to avoid corner traps. This also cancels normal attacks and resets your ability to attack in the air.

Special Moves

Lightning Legs (press the same kick button 3 times rapidly): (mid, but can hit Guile, Zangief, Dhalsim, Sagat, Hawk, Fei, and Dee Jay low lk:~22 mk: ~23 hk:~24) Chun Li rapidly kicks in front of her. If you keep pressing kick she will keep doing the move, and can even change which type she is doing. The LK version has the fastest start up and the most frames between kicks, with the HK version having the slowest startup and the least frames between kicks. This move is one of the highest priority in the game and does a lot of damage, including chip damage, but you must wait a little while after you stop pressing kick before she will stop again, leaving her vulnerable to some air attacks and any attack from behind. Oftentimes, however, an opponent has to hit her from so high in a jump that you get a free throw on them when they land. Be careful about doing this move too deep on an opponent, as well, because its hitstun is invincible, and, thus, opponents get at least one reversal frame every time you hit them, which they can use to throw you or Shoryuken. Note that this move has reduced hit/block stun of only 11 frames, as opposed to the usual 20 for special moves.

Kikkoken (charge back for 55 frames, forward+punch): (mid, lp,mp:15-17 hp:17-20) This is Chun Li's fireball. It has the fastest start up of any fireball, making it a great poke, but she has one of the worst recoveries, which, along with having to charge for her fireball, makes her the worst at pure fireball wars. Also, her fireballs have limited range, with slower ones traveling further. Her lp fireball is one of the slowest in the game, though, which works to her advantage because of her fast foot speed. If an opponent blocks one of her lp fireballs, she can be there right behind it and can actually combo with it if it hits. Be careful, though, as you only have a short time to attack after a fireball hits (and wasn't blocked), after which you have to wait before you can attack again.

Spinning Bird Kick (charge back for 54 frames, forward+kick, or, optionally, charge down, up+kick in mid-air): (mid, Air SBK misses a crouching Blanka, Guile, Chun Li, Dictator, and Cammy lk,mk:~12 per hit hk:~13 per hit air:~11 per hit) This move can be done on the ground or in the air, with significant differences between the two. The ground version has an invulnerable start up, followed by some grounded vulnerable frames, followed by a couple more invulnerable frames, followed by her jumping forward, spinning like a helicopter upside down until she lands, then some invulnerable frames as she flips right-side-up. The lk version reaches hitting frames fastest and is safest on block, but has the least invulnerability time and the worst vulnerable hitbox before lift-off. The mk and hk versions both have the same invulnerability time, which is enough to avoid many reversals. The distance traveled is in the order of mk, lk, hk. The air-to-air priority of this move is also good, and it will often hit 3 times when used at the same time as a jump-in. It can also hit up to 4 times in a single attack, but has the strange property of being able to juggle up to 5 times: the most in the game. If you hit less than 3 times, you can often use upkicks afterwards to reach the 3-hit juggle limit. Note that this move has reduced hit/block stun of only 11 frames, as opposed to the usual 20 for special moves.

The air Spinning Bird Kick has no invulnerable frames and moves horizontally in a straight line in whatever direction you were jumping, before falling and then doing the invincible flip recovery animation. It can be done at any height and can even hit crouching opponents if done low enough. She will continue spinning and attacking for as long as she remains in the air, including when she has started falling, so you can whiff on the horizontal movement, but still hit on the way down. Because she can do this backwards or forwards, you can use it to move in or away quickly while close to the ground, just over fireball height, or whatever height you need at the time. The down-up charge motion allows it to be used after a headstomp.

Upkicks (charge down for 54 frames, up+kick): (mid all three hits: 30-41 ~12 per hit) This is Chun Li's traditional reversal. The lk version has the most invulnerability, so you will likely want to use that the most when anti-airing. The hk version travels further forward and has less start up, though, so it is better for juggling, comboing, or avoiding tick throws. The first hit of this move only hits a small area very close to the ground, so your timing will need to be very precise, as there are a lot of vulnerable frames before hitting frames show up again.

Super (charge back for 54 frames, forward, back, forward, kick): (mid ~13 per hit) Chun Li has one of the best supers in the game, even with the damage reduction. It gives her a reliable anti-air, lets her go through fireballs in a small window, and, because of its storing property, gives her a better reversal and even more pressure options. Keep in mind when doing the super as an anti-air that you want to hit them with it just as they land, because it will do less damage to an airborne opponent. You can also follow with hk upkicks to add another hit against some opponents. To do the stored super, do the charge back, forward, back, forward motion, then don't let go of forward. If you press kick at any time before letting go of forward, or even a little bit afterward, she will do her super. Because the motion for this overlaps with Spinning Bird Kick and Kikkoken, you can do something like charge back, forward+punch, back, forward to throw a fireball and then walk forward with your super stored. Keep in mind that you can still throw punches, jump forward, or crouch without losing it. Oftentimes opponents will try to jump to avoid the super, so if you crouch and wait, you can super them when they land. You can also often get away with a blatant walk-up throw with your super stored, as most people will be trying to block it. Mixing st. strong with these can increase pressure on the opponent so they have to guess when you are making your move. One other advantage of using stored super with st. strong is that you can store super before you actually have the meter to use it, then make your opponent block enough st. strongs to fill your meter and super them.

Changes From Super Turbo To HD Remix


The bad:

   * Lighting Legs less damage and dizzy
   * Super less damage
   * Neckbreaker no longer crosses up

The good:

   * Lighting Legs easier to do
   * New arcing Spinning Bird Kick is fairly useful
   * New motion or aerial Spinning Bird Kick leads to some tricks

More specifically:

Lightning Legs' middle hitbox is further forward, making it easier to hit her with mid attacks. The Super only gets all 6 hits against Chun Li and upkicks only hits once afterwards, if at all. There is a specific spacing where SBK can follow the super for more damage, though. Neckbreaker does not travel as far forward. Lightning Legs requires 3 button presses to come out instead of 5. Ground Spinning Bird Kick has fewer startup frames and travels in an arc. Air Spinning Bird Kick comes out with either charge back, forward or charge down, up. It also can be done lower, travels more horizontally, and will not end before hitting the ground.

The Basics

Advanced Strategy

Option Selects

Throw or Spinning Bird Kick

To option select between throw and Spinning Bird Kick, first you need to make sure you have a back charge. Then press and hold mp, then immediately press forward+mk. If done correctly, you should throw if the opponent is in range and in a throwable state, or do a st. strong renda canceled into a SBK if they are not. The main use for this is for opponents with reversal moves that SBK beats, such as some SRKs and Fei Long's Flame Kicks. You can do this while tick throwing or in situations where you and your opponent recover at roughly the same time within throw range, such as after Fei Long's Flying Kicks.

Throw or Upkicks

After charging down-back, press back and mp, then up-back and any kick. If your opponent is within range and throwable, then you will throw them. Otherwise, you with do a st. strong and renda cancel it into upkicks.

Throw or Super

First, store your super, then, when within range, press mp, then immediately press any kick button. If your opponent is within range and throwable, then you will throw them. Otherwise, you will do a st. strong and renda cancel it into the super.

Tick Throw Mixups

When you get a knockdown on most characters, you can go for a tick throw mixup.

Step 1

  • Ambiguous cross up safe jump. This one takes the longest to set up, but gives the strongest advantage. If you space a move like j. forward to land directly on top of an opponent, they won't know which way to block. Remember that you can't safe jump Ken, Blanka, or Akuma.
  • Meaty fireball, then crouch block from just outside their throw range. This is usually your best bet against opponents that you can't safe jump. Blanka can't reversal out of this and if Ken or Akuma does you can punish their recoveries. Be careful with Akuma when he has super, though, as he can avoid the fireball and grab you if you are too close and in recovery.
  • Safe Neckbreaker. While this move no longer crosses up, it's a way to safely avoid reversals while still putting your opponent in block stun on wakeup.
  • Point blank crouch block. Right when they get up, either hit them with a meaty or stay blocking. The goal here is to make your opponent guess whether to throw or reversal. For opponents that can do both at the same time from crouch (T. Hawk, Zangief, and E. Honda) this is, of course, not an option.

Step 2

  • Throw. Does maximum damage and resets the situation. Loses to reversals and may lose to counter-throws.
  • Cr. lk/mk. This does less damage, but this is the basis of the mix up. Most opponents can't counter-throw or reversal at the same time they are blocking low. Using different attacks changes the timing for the follow up, so keep them guessing whether you used short or forward. Note that nothing links with cr. lk, though, so choosing this limits your options for the next step. This is the only one that leads to step 3.
  • Cl. lp x 1/2. This whiffs against Cammy and Blanka, so don't use it on them. It's another way to varying your tick throw timing, and if you have super stored, you can follow this as a hit confirm with cr. lp xx super for massive damage. If you aren't going for a tick throw after this, you can do cr. lp xx Lightning Legs to still get some chip.
  • Neckbreaker. Use this if you think your opponent expects the regular mix up game. It resets and beats out opponents trying to counter with a non-anti-air. This is especially useful against T. Hawk, Zangief, and Hondas that don't know how to negative edge Ochio, as you can avoid their throw attempt and hit them with the Neckbreaker on the way down. Go back to this step again if they block it.
  • Block. You should only really be using this option against Fei Long. Because he can low block and reversal at the same time, it's in his best interests to use his Flame Kick to avoid your tick attempts. Blocking will allow you to punish him when he does. You may also want to do this if your opponent looks like he is always trying to do a SRK during your block strings.
  • Cl. hp xx hp fireball. I'm mostly just listing this here because it's a good dizzy/pushback combo or block string, so keep it in mind. You can use it to get them used to just blocking.

Step 3

  • Throw. If you did a cr. mk after not crossing up, your opponent is going to be out of block stun for a little bit before you can throw, but you can usually catch them off-guard.
  • Cr. hk. This move will knock them down again and you'll be able to do a safe neckbreaker to reset the mix up.
  • Lightning Legs. Use this to encourage your opponents to block your cr. lk/mk back in step 2 because it does a lot of damage.
  • Block. As in step 2, this beats attack reversals. Because cr. lk doesn't have a link, this is a more useful choice to counter reversals after ticking with it.
  • Neckbreaker. As in step 2, this beats throw reversals besides E. Honda's negative edge Ochio and, like blocking, is a good mix up after a cr. lk.

Step 4

  • Lp fireball. Use this if your think your opponent won't jump. If they block it or get hit by it, you can go to step 2 of your mix up above.
  • Spinning Bird Kick. If you think your opponent will try to jump out, this will beat most of their jump attacks and knock them down again.
  • Go back to footsies.


Note: when a character is listed as not tick throwable, that means that they can attempt to reverse tick throws while still blocking low.


Difficulty: 6/10 Safe Jumpable: Yes Tick Throwable: Yes

The largest problem with fighting Ryu is trying to get past his fireballs. You can Neckbreaker over them until you hit mid-screen, but if you do it too close, you'll wind up landing on a sweep. The easiest, but least reliable, way to get in is to predict one of his Hadokens and jump over it. You can also do a far st. mk to stuff the start up of his fireballs if you can get close enough. He can stop this by doing a Shoryuken or a sweep instead, but you can beat those options by blocking the SRK, Neckbreakering over the sweep, or stepping back to make the sweep whiff. Once you have him in block stun, you have a serious advantage over him, as he has to guess his way out.


Difficulty: 5.5/10 Safe Jumpable: No Tick Throwable: Yes

Fighting Ken is similar to fighting Ryu, except that his fireballs are slower, making it easier to get in on him, but once you do you can't rely on mix ups off of safe jumps because of his fierce SRK. The only meaties that you can get away with are Kikkoken and an extremely well-timed cr. HK. If you have a charge for Kikkoken, use that, but make sure you are outside his throw range and blocking when he gets his reversal frame. He can SRK out of the fireball and you need to block it so you can punish him afterwards. If he just blocks it, you want to be close enough that you can follow immediately afterwards with cr. mk or st. mp, so you can go back into your mix ups.

E. Honda

Difficulty: 4.5/10 Safe Jumpable: Yes (Cross up) Tick Throwable: No

Honda's entire goal in this fight is to land his Butt Slam, from which he can mix up Ochio Throws and Hundred Hand Slaps. While neutral j. lk beats the Butt Slam, if you do it at the wrong time from that range he can punish it. So, the best place to be is just outside his HK Butt Slam range. As long as he doesn't have super, you can safely throw fireballs from here. He has four options to react to this: Butt Slam, LP Torpedo, j. HP, or just blocking it. If you just stand at the safe distance and alternate Lightning Legs and Kikkokens he'll never hit you with any of these options while you are building to super, but he can slowly back you towards the corner. If he does a LP Torpedo, you can run up and throw him before he recovers or j. mk him. If he Butt Slams, he should fall right in front of you and you can either throw him or if you were using Lightning Legs he'll be hit by those. If he jumps or walks forward, that means he's lost his charge and you can go ahead and jump at him.

The fight changes a lot when he gets super. You can't just throw fireballs every time you get a chance, so at this point your goal is to get him to waste it. If you are at a life lead at this point, you can just stand back and make him make a move anyway. While you can block the super to take minimal chip damage, or stuff it with a well-timed standing or crouching jab, the best way to stuff it is with Lightning Legs. While just staying fullscreen spamming Lightning Legs is hard for Honda to deal with, if that's all you do he can use the time you are stuck in it to move forward safely, so he can back you into the corner. The key here is to make it hard for him to predict what you're going to do, while still staying in defensive mode. Remember that you can still throw fireballs as long as you aren't predictable with them. You want to make him think you are going to throw a fireball, but then do Lightning Legs instead.

Chun Li

Difficulty: 5/10 Safe Jumpable: Yes Tick Throwable: Yes

The most important thing in this mirror match is to not get knocked down and to knock down the other player. Chun Li has incredibly good mix ups off a knockdown and some of the worst defenses. You get a huge amount of advantage if you land a jump-in, even on block, so try to land your j. mk while using neutral j. lk/hp to keep the other Chun out. If you are very good at timing, you can also use Upkicks, which will get you a knockdown, as well. The best anti-air for Chun versus Chun, however, is simply walking forward, then throwing them after they whiff. Just watch out for point blank fireballs and cr. mks if you try this from too close.


Difficulty: 4.5/10 Safe Jumpable: No Tick Throwable: Yes

Not only is Blanka not safe jumpable, but he seriously outdamages Chun at close range. His fast jump and air normals also make it hard to avoid his mix ups. Thus, keeping him at bay with fireballs is advised. His jump also doesn't have very much forward distance to it, so if he lands nearby you can push him back with st. strong or cr. mk. If he gets in your face and starts jumping rapidly with light attacks and you think he is going to do it again, Spinning Bird Kick to avoid one and then when he jumps again you'll hit him three times. SBK also is a good counter to his Rainbow Roll if you start it before he does.

While he is not safe jumpable in the normal way, you can still safely do a meaty jump-in hp if it is spaced correctly. The punch will outpriority his reversal and knock him down again. To do this, jump in with safe jump timing or a little later, but space yourself so that the very edge of the punch's hitbox will hit Blanka when he gets up. He can avoid this by using his back hop, but, if you were close enough, you can use a far st. fierce to hit him before he lands. Because your jump-in fierce will miss, you can press fierce punch again towards the end of the time you would have been in hit or block stun to only do the follow-up punch if Blanka back hops.


Difficulty: 4/10 Safe Jumpable: Yes Tick Throwable: No

Zangief can usually convert a single knockdown into a win against Chun Li. His SPD has enough range that he can avoid being hit by Upkicks if he does it from far enough away and if you SBK out he can use Lariat to knock down again. Because of this, you're going to want to stay out of range of his knockdown moves: mostly Lariat and cr. hk. Keep throwing fireballs from a safe range and punish anything he does to avoid them. If he does a Lariat, wait a few frames, then cr. hk him for a knockdown. The kick Lariat has foot invincibility at the beginning and you don't want to attack too early and whiff. It also has deceptively short range, so learn the real range so you can hit him when he is going backwards. If he does a Green Hand, you need to be able to know immediately if he was in range to hit you with it. If he is within range, block it, then punish him with cr. mk into cr. hk, Lightning Legs, or hp Kikkoken. If he's just outside range, he's probably trying to whiff into SPD, so don't wait for the block and just punish him the same way.

If you manage to knock down Zangief and can safe jump him, go ahead and do it. You won't get more than chip damage without doing extremely risky Neckbreaker/Throw mixups, but this is a chance to push him back. You can also use this opportunity to cross him up if your back is getting close to the wall.

If he backs you into a corner, you can try head stomping him to get out, but he can just use his j. mp to knock you out of the air, so try to avoid this. If he starts doing repeated splashes, you can hit him out of it with cl. mk, then jump out. Your goal at this point is to either build up enough meter to super or do whatever it takes to get out of that corner. You will almost definitely take damage, but it's better than losing outright.


Difficulty: 5/10 Safe Jumpable: Yes Tick Throwable: Yes

While Guile is a charge character and can't throw fireballs as fast as Ryu, he has the best fireball recovery in the game, so you are going to need to find a way past his Sonic Boom and Flash Kick to do any damage. Don't throw fireballs to stop his fireballs at close range, because he can do a backfist and hit you during your recovery. You either need to predict a Sonic Boom or stuff his normals with yours when you get close. Usually a Guile will throw Sonic Booms until you get within a certain range, then push you out with cr. mk. You can use your own cr. mk from further away, or a cr. lk to stuff it, then move closer. You can also Neckbreaker to dodge it and land on top of him. Once you're inside you can do all your normal mix ups.

Keep in mind that while your goal is to get in on him, Guile can also lock down Chun Li nearly as well by rushing her down with sobot kicks, Sonic Booms, and low/overhead mix ups. Getting out is kind of like getting in: you need to beat his normals with your normals.


Difficulty: 4/10 Safe Jumpable: Yes Tick Throwable: Yes

Dhalsim can keep Chun Li out pretty well if you just predictably jump at him, so what you need to do is bait his jump, then jump late enough that you will hit him right before he lands. Once you are inside, he has a harder time than anyone else getting out, so one blocked normal can be enough to wrap up the game.

T. Hawk

Difficulty: 5.5/10 Safe Jumpable: Yes Tick Throwable: No

First of all, T. Hawk is NOT Zangief. If you fight him like he's Zangief, you will lose. The only similarity is the mix up game they both have once they've knocked you down in the corner. The key with T. Hawk is to stay mobile, stay grounded, and use mk a lot. St. mk will stuff his Hawk Dive and j. jab at certain ranges, so you need to make sure that you are at those ranges when he jumps, taking advantage of Chun Li's faster movement speed. What st. mk won't stop, cl. mk will, including his splash, so learn the timing for this move. You should be sparing with your fireballs, only using them as pokes, anti-airs, and as an occasional shenanigan, because he can Hawk Dive on reaction if he's ready for it. If he gets hesitant about jumping, use your cr. mk to dominate him on the ground.


Difficulty: 4.5/10 Safe Jumpable: Yes Tick Throwable: Yes

Fighting Cammy is similar to fighting another Chun Li. If you get a knockdown on her, you can use your full mix-up game to get the win, but she has just as good mix up on you if she knocks you down. Her cr. mk is almost as good as yours, so it isn't as much of an advantage here. Because she's going to be wanting to use it, use Neckbreakers to go over them and knock her down. Use fireballs just enough to make her think twice about closing distance with Cannon Drill, but don't get reliant on them. If she predicts one, she can jump over it with plenty of time to hit your recovery.

Fei Long

Difficulty: 6.5/10 Safe Jumpable: Yes Tick Throwable: No

Fei Long's entire goal is corner you and then do Chicken Wing mix ups. Just making you block a Chicken Wing gives him a strong mix up between throw, Flame Kick, and another Chicken Wing. A well-timed mk Spinning Bird Kick can avoid lk Flame Kicks and punish them pretty hard, discouraging their use, and will sometimes beat out Chicken Wings, so your response most of the time should be to use that. You can also attempt to throw if you don't think he will Flame Kick, because your throw range is much larger than Fei's. If he does corner you, just stay calm and block. His throw doesn't do that much damage, so taking a few ticks throws won't kill you. Eventually he's going to get pushed back far enough that he's either going to have to Chicken Wing again to keep you locked down or walk forward. In either case, you can just jump forward and you're out. He can stop this by using Flame Kick instead, but if you predict this you can just wait and then punish.

Dee Jay

Difficulty: 5/10 Safe Jumpable: Yes Tick Throwable: Yes

Fighting Dee Jay is a lot like fighting Guile. The main differences are that he has worse anti-air, especially without a down charge, and his slide makes him much more dangerous at close ranges. He's going to want to be using his slide a lot, so you are going to be wanting to use your Neckbreaker a lot to counter it, just don't get too predictable with it. If you see him stand up, go ahead and jump in on him, but be careful because a lot of his crouching normals make it look like he stood up.

Boxer (Balrog)

Difficulty: 5.5/10 Safe Jumpable: Yes Tick Throwable: Yes

Because Boxer doesn't have a fireball, he needs to get in close to hit you, so you'll want to zone him with fireballs. The main thing to be careful of is him trading his rushes with your fireballs, because he does a lot more damage than you. Besides just trading through, he has two ways around your fireballs: jump over or headbutt through. His headbutt has limited range, so learn how far it will go and stay just out of range. It can also go through Lightning Legs, so be sure to not use Lightning Legs any closer than this. If he gets you in the corner, the most important thing is to stay calm and block. His mix up isn't that great, but you'll be dead in seconds if you try to jump out too soon. The main thing to watch for is whiffing his Rush Upper into throw. You can counter this by throwing a cr. mk out whenever you think you should be in block stun. If he whiffs, you'll kick him, but if he connects, the kick input will be dropped.

Claw (Vega)

Difficulty: 5.5/10 Safe Jumpable: Yes Tick Throwable: Yes

While Chun Li can generally beat Claw on the ground with her fireball and Lightning Legs, he can be hard to approach while entrenched in down-back. From here he can do his flip kick, cr. mp, slide, roll, and either of his wall dives. If you try to jump in, he'll flip kick, and if you try to walk in he'll cr. mp. You can either risk throwing a fireball to force him to block or move and possibly get punished by a wall dive, or try to beat out his cr. mp with your normals. Neckbreaker is an obvious solution to go over it, but if he reacts fast enough, he can flip kick you out of it. Cr. mk has slightly more range, but comes out slower, so you need to space it very precisely. You can also try stuffing him with cr. lp, cr. mp, cr. hp, or st. lk. If you can get him to block a Neckbreaker or st. strong, you can do your normal mix up and you should be able to win. Any sort of knockdown should lead into mixups, as well. If he starts wall diving at you, you can hit the punch wall dive with a fireball, and the kick wall dive will generally lose to jump backwards lk. If you are stuck on the ground in recovery and he isn't coming down close enough to use the Izuna Drop, you don't lose that much by just blocking. If he is coming in close enough for a throw, you can try a cl. mk or upkicks, but those require extremely precise timing.


Difficulty: 5.5/10 Safe Jumpable: Yes Tick Throwable: Yes

Fighting Sagat is similar to fighting Ryu, except his fireballs can hit low, the high ones are harder to Neckbreaker over, and his super isn't as much of a threat. He also extends a lot further out when throwing his Tiger Shots, so if you are trying to predict a fireball you can jump from a bit further away and still kick him while being a little safer from being anti-aired. If you are approaching from the ground, the best way to hit the low shots is with a cr. punch or st. mp, and use st. mk or st. hk to hit high shots. Trying to hit the low shots with a cr. punch is probably safest because the high shots will miss you.

Dictator (M. Bison)

Difficulty: 4.5/10 Safe Jumpable: Yes Tick Throwable: Yes

This fight is similar to the Chun Li mirror match in that whoever is knocked down first will likely lose. His reversal options are worse, but if you let up on him for a second he can just use a hp Psycho Crasher to fly through you across the screen and land too far away for you to punish. While Lightning Legs will usually beat Psycho Crasher, it will sometimes lose completely. The most reliable ways to stop one is to either stuff its start up or hit it with a fireball, but a perfectly timed jab will work, too. It has low priority vertically, so you can beat it out with a diagonal j. mk or Neckbreaker. If he is using it from range, it's usually best to just block as he passes through and then st. mp or hp fireball him after you come out of block stun. If he does a slow one, he is likely trying to tick into throw, so either get ready to counter throw, Neckbreaker, or use hk Upkicks. This also applies to any time he makes you block Scissor Kicks. You'll be coming out of block stun at roughly the same time he comes out of recovery, so if you try to counter throw, it becomes a coin toss. Using Upkicks (preferably hk) is much more reliable, because he doesn't have a reversal he can use to counter it.

You'll also need to keep an eye on his super gauge. While normally he can't reversal, with his super he can reversal, anti-air, and go through fireballs, similar to how Chun can use hers, but his has much greater range. Once he has super, don't jump at him or throw fireballs while he has a back charge. You can approach him on the ground in small increments, switching back to block before he has a chance to react, but if you have a life lead, just stand at full screen and make him come to you. Once the super comes out, if you are in a position to block, do a crouch block. The super doesn't hit low, but it will go flying over your head and you'll take a lot less chip damage than if you had blocked the whole thing.


Difficulty: 6/10 Safe Jumpable: No Tick Throwable: Yes

Once again, this is very similar to the Ryu fight. Akuma's fireballs are harder to stuff with ground normals, though, because his hitbox doesn't extend forward until late in his animation or as far. While his air fireball is normally a great defensive maneuver, as Chun Li you can just jump over it and hit him on the way down or do an early lp Kikkoken so that it cancels it and you recover before he lands, allowing you to throw him or cr. mk xx Lightning Legs. His SRK can hit instantly and is invincible all the way up, but it doesn't move very far forward. In fact, if you use Lightning Legs at max range and he SRKs, he will miss you and then fall into your attack. Because of this, if you get a knockdown and don't have time to charge for a fireball, you can always get a little bit of chip damage from using a max-range Lightning Legs.

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