The King of Fighters '98: Ultimate Match/EX Andy

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EX Andy has a new moveset and is largely safer than he was in OG. Particularly, the addition of Gekiheki Haisuishō is a boon. His attacks are powerful.

Final Edition Change List


Move list

At a glance

Normal throws
Gōrin: Kai (throw) f/b + C
Kakaekomi Nage (throw) f/b + D
Command moves
Uwa Agito f + B
Age Dzura df + A
Special moves
Zan'eiken db f + P
┗ Gadankō (during Zan'eiken) qcf + P
Shōryūdan dp + P
Kūhadan hcf + K
Hishōken qcb + P
Gekiheki Haisuishō qcb + K, qcb + K, qcb + K, qcb + K
Bakushin hcf + P
Super special moves
Zetsu Reppadan qcb hcf + K
Dandadan qcf qcf + P (repeatedly)

Normal moves

  • cl.C – does two hits, both of which can be cancelled.
  • st.A, st.B – effective jump checkers. The weak moves don’t leave you very open if you whiff.
  • st.C – helpful in ground zoning.
  • cr.B - a cancelable low. also his hurtbox gets smaller. pretty much better version of cr.D
  • j.CD – the hitbox starts out facing up, so you can use it as an air-to-air for opponents directly above you.

Command moves

  • Uwa Agito
  • f + B
  • An overhead, though it won’t touch crouching opponents with short crouching heights. If cancelled into, however, it can be blocked both high and low. does some good anti-air at close range despite it being an overhead.
  • Age Dzura
  • df + A
  • Now cancelable on the first hit as well as the second. If it does a midair hit, the opponent becomes juggleable (e.g., with Shōryūdan).

Special moves

  • Hishōken
  • qcf + P
  • A projectile with a high trajectory. It is possible for it to hit opponents who have jumped. It now leaves you less open than in OG. If you get out Bakushin before it hits, it becomes unblockable.

  • Shōryūdan
  • dp + P
  • A multi-hit anti-air move. It has a lot of invincibility frames, and has good priority.

  • Kūhadan
  • hcf + K
  • A multi-hit kick move that arcs through the air. It doesn’t do knockdown, and can be hit. Depending on how it touches the opponent, it can be very difficult to counter, even if blocked. For this reason, it’s best used as a psychic anti-air.

  • Zan'eiken
  • db f + P
  • A high-speed rush followed by a fierce elbowing at close range. This doesn’t leave you very open if the very tip touches the opponent, but it’s not all that easy to use. The recovery on the weak version has been reduced from OG.
  • Gadankō
  • qcf + P during Zan'eiken (only works if Zan'eiken touches)
  • A derived combo from Zan'eiken; performs knockdown. If blocked, it leaves you more open, so hit confirm.

  • Gekiheki Haisuishō
  • qcb + K four times
  • A rushing move with short reach. It combos from weak moves; the first and fourth steps don’t leave you very vulnerable.

  • Bakushin
  • hcf + P
  • An unblockable moving throw. It’s easy for the opponent to see coming due to the afterimages, but the recovery is short.

Super special moves

  • Zetsu Reppadan
  • qcb hcf + K
  • A super version of Kūhadan. It has invincibility during startup, and does knockdown when it hits. The normal version has slow startup, so you can only really use it to punish. The MAX version is quicker in this regard, so you can also use it for anti-air (doing more hits and more damage as well).

  • Dandadan
  • qcf qcf + P (repeatedly)
  • A Ranbu-esque super that does a lot of damage. It does not lock the opponent in place, and continues regardless of whether it hits. It safely combos from strong attacks. You can increase the number of hits by mashing the button. It now has startup invincibility, but the invincibility is short so there isn’t much of a practical use for it.



  • j.D > cr.B >> Age Dzura (2 hit) >> () or Dandadan
  • Basic combo. This one is probably his best damager. Be careful that the Zan'eiken does not come out as Bakushin instead.
  • cr.B >> cr.B >> Gekiheki Haisuishō
  • If the first step is stopped, you aren’t really open at all.
  • cr.B >> Age Dzura >> Zan'eiken >> Gadankō
  • get cr.B as much you want. you can go for cr.B >> Age Dzura >> Zan'eiken >> Gadankō as well.
  • (Extra guage) cr.B >> Age Dzura (1 hit) >> Gekiheki Haisuishō (1 hit) >> abc >> cl.C >> Dandadan
  • his most damaging combo. you can change the recipe a bit if you want.

The Basics

Use standing attacks to zone at mid-range. If you could do this perfectly, you probably wouldn’t have to do anything else. Whiff these moderately, and if the opponent seems to want to come jumping in, belt out a weak Kūhadan. Even if this is blocked, you won’t be too open. However, this is much more counterable when the opponent is cornered, so substitute st.B in that case.

Do not press D button while you are on ground. When you press D, its got to be a j.D. You cant both cancel and whiff cancel none of st.D or cr.D or even cl.D yet all of them have terrible recovery. Also his st.CD is garbage as well. On the other hand, j.D is very good air to air button. so it's ok to use it.

When being tested with zoning moves, jump in with j.A; while hit confirming, input cl.C or cr.B, and if it’s blocked get out Gekiheki Haisuishō. After that, watch the opponent’s actions. For something like a j.D jump-in, intercept it with Kūhadan. If they try something like cr.C, use a special move; if they try something like st.C, it’s probably best to keep your space. Also, trying for the occasional Bakushin at close range is good. The fact that both Kūhadan and Bakushin use hcf is rather fortunate, because you can just input the hcf and switch over to Kūhadan at the last second if the opponent is going to try for a counter.

When Kūhadan is blocked (except when the opponent is cornered), depending on the way it coincides with the opponent, it can quite possibly leave you not vulnerable at all. When this happens, see if your opponent will attempt a counterattack, and if they will, cut them off with Zetsu Reppadan. Sucker!

Advanced Strategy