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Country/region Invite Link Discord name
Kenya https://discord.gg/3Vpbe7B TEKKEN 254
North Africa (DZA, MAR, TUN) https://discord.gg/8xabBNR FGC Algeria
South Africa https://discord.gg/4bWBVx5 SA_FGC
South Africa https://discord.gg/B9CTCcM UGCZA


North America

Country/region Invite Link Discord name
Canada https://discord.gg/qGmMp7h Canada-AirDash
Canada https://discord.gg/zz3R42g Pokkén Canada
Canada (Atlantic) https://discord.gg/ZpZHqFm Atlantic Canada FGC
Canada (East Coast) https://discord.gg/bqUwyNX East Canada UNI
Canada (Alberta, Calgary) https://discord.gg/4z6nnZq Fighting Game Club of Calgary
Canada (Alberta, Red Deer) https://discord.gg/gGepHHA Red Deer FGC
Canada (British Columbia) https://discord.gg/pZXpcK8 BBC Tekken
Canada (British Columbia, Kelowna) https://discord.gg/xSywafk OKSL
Canada (Manitoba, Winnipeg) https://discord.gg/PZquq8M Chip Damage - Winnipeg Fighting Game Community
Canada (Newfoundland and Labrador) https://discord.gg/GEPJPJM Newfoundland FGC
Canada (Ontario, Kingston) https://discord.gg/sZEy56f Queen's Fighting Game Community
Canada (Ontario, London) https://discord.gg/VQxY26p Forest City Fight Club
Canada (Ontario, Ottawa) https://discord.gg/HTAstN7 Ottawa FGC
Canada (Ontario, Toronto) https://discord.gg/QrQ4msE TorontoTopTiers.com
Canada (Ontario, Toronto) https://discord.gg/xHPFe7n Soul Calibur 6 Toronto
Canada (Ontario, Waterloo) https://discord.gg/zQzWPJm UWFGC
Canada (Ontario, Windsor) https://discord.gg/R9uJDsh Windsor FGC
Canada (Québec, Montreal) https://discord.gg/xxrhmq8 MTL Airdashers
Canada (Saskatchewan, Saskatoon) https://discord.gg/7NHvYJB Dark Bridges: The Community Has No Name
Canada (West Coast) https://discord.gg/5uMxTkc Western Canada Anime Games
Canada (West Coast) https://discord.gg/qZNFjmQ Fighting EX Layer
Mexico https://discord.gg/rjHAn25 AniFighters MX
Mexico https://discord.gg/e8Vxpvy México FGC
North America https://discord.gg/ewFkzDF Blue's Fight Pit
North America https://discord.gg/eMZcVqk Demon Hado Dojo Weekly Tournament
North America https://discord.gg/ATTQtBv E's Laf++ NA
North America https://discord.gg/WaRyTzM Hot Dogs and Sake Club!
North America https://discord.gg/PXRjkSE Parsec Shodown
NA East https://discord.gg/SUHzk4YcS6 East Coast SNK
USA (California (Central)) https://discord.gg/uSzSkz5 ProminenceGC
USA (California (North)) https://discord.gg/KPtrwPA NorCal AFGC
USA (California (North)) https://discord.gg/c7gBaqf NorCal FGC
USA (California (North)) https://discord.gg/22An8xG NorCalibur
USA (California (South)) https://discord.gg/VAVcGHp SoCal BBTAG Discord
USA (California (South)) https://discord.gg/8yjv3MW Danger Time
USA (California (South)) https://discord.gg/bWHTcXH SoCal Dair Productions
USA (California (South)) https://discord.gg/2pUJwXc SoCal French Bread
USA (California (South)) https://discord.gg/wHspD9Q Socal GBVS
USA (California (South)) https://discord.gg/HMngzvQ Socal Local BB
USA (California (South)) https://discord.gg/yCscaKH SoCal Rivals of Aether
USA (California (South)) https://discord.gg/bMUXDNt Wild West GG - SoCal Guilty Gear
USA (California, Concord) https://discord.gg/PcqD4Aw It Was Tuesday
USA (Nevada, Reno) https://discord.gg/2JMTPKK RenoCruu FGC
USA/Canada (Northwest) https://discord.gg/hAcxZvX Pacific Northwest SoulCalibur
USA (Northwest) https://discord.gg/ZYbZ6rj PNW Airdashers
USA (Northwest) https://discord.gg/yuDfTsc PNW Pokkén
USA (Oregon, Portland) https://discord.gg/cD8tWVj Battle Lounge
USA (Oregon, Portland) https://discord.gg/jGvy2VZ PDX FGC
USA (Washington) https://discord.gg/Rfy9ba9 Washington UNI
USA (Washington, Spokane) https://discord.gg/YXMMPJA Spokane FGC
USA (West Coast) https://discord.gg/sykZTTF FiteNite
USA (West Coast) https://discord.gg/EfHaJbY US West SFV
USA (West Coast) https://discord.gg/pU377rD West Coast Pokken Tournament
USA (Arizona) https://discord.gg/hrVP8Wk AZ Airdashers
USA (Arizona) https://discord.gg/xkVhy2X AZ 3D Fighters
USA (Colorado) https://discord.gg/mekYaUT Co FGC Server
USA (Idaho) https://discord.gg/USaPZYB Idaho FGC
USA (Idaho, Pocatello) https://discord.gg/mUtvYMU Pocatello Pugilists
USA (Utah) https://discord.gg/PQcnAzf GetGood
USA (Utah) https://discord.gg/kZ6stHT UT AFGC+R
USA (Utah) https://discord.gg/sJ4gGUS Utah Pokken Tournament
USA (Alabama) https://discord.gg/bTufhzY FGC@UAB
USA (Arkansas) https://discord.gg/WfFaXm8 ARKFighters
USA (Illinois (Central)) https://discord.gg/cifgc Central Illinois FGC
USA (Illinois, Chicago) https://discord.gg/bSCScC Chicago Arcade FGC Group
USA (Illinois, Chicago) https://discord.gg/jAZzmha ChicagoLand FGC Conglomerate
USA (Illinois, Chicago) https://discord.gg/F4hw59k Chicago Guilty Gear Group
USA (Illinois, Chicago) https://discord.gg/uKaNrSW Chicago KOF
USA (Illinois, Chicago) https://discord.gg/4EKZszD Chicago marvel
USA (Illinois, Chicago) https://discord.gg/6xVGR4u Chicago SFV
USA (Illinois, Chicago) https://discord.gg/dwDT3mC Chicago SGC
USA (Illinois, Chicago) https://discord.gg/eHk2Va7 Chicago Soul Calibur VI
USA (Louisiana, Lafayette) https://discord.gg/WGnDGsv LafayetteFGC
USA (Louisiana, Shreveport) https://discord.gg/UTxnzzD Shreveport FGC
USA (Midwest) https://discord.gg/KFjNQAw Midwest FGC
USA (Midwest) https://discord.gg/A6KqvUv Midwest Pokken
USA (Midwest) https://discord.gg/ggsmMH3 Midwest Under Night Player Hub
USA (Midwest) https://discord.gg/ygXy9Q4 Rocky Mountain RoA
USA (Minnesota) https://discord.gg/P6mCFkC MNFGC
USA (Mississippi (Central)) https://discord.gg/Y3wN5J2 Central MS FGC
USA (Mississippi, Tupelo) https://discord.gg/rh4E7k4 Showdown Esports
USA (Missouri, Kansas City) https://discord.gg/z3es49d KC FGC
USA (Missouri, Kansas City) https://discord.gg/nW2JzT7 KC Card Game Illuminati
USA (Missouri, St. Louis) https://discord.gg/shPUAtK #StL FGC
USA (Missouri, St. Louis) https://discord.gg/E4QSVNF St. Louis ARMS
USA (Nebraska, Omaha) https://discord.gg/C6bCmpp Nebraska FGC
USA (Oklahoma) https://discord.gg/FfEE3dr OK PokkénDX
USA (Oklahoma) https://discord.gg/XkX6GAD OKFGC
USA (Oklahoma) https://discord.gg/PkAKSPc Oklahoma Anime
USA (Oklahoma) https://discord.gg/5NFXMRH Oklahoma FighterZ
USA (Oklahoma) https://discord.gg/6StkAqy BBTAG-OK
USA (Oklahoma) https://discord.gg/4DJbWzF MK 11 Oklahoma
USA (Oklahoma) https://discord.gg/UsWWJbh OK Arcade Fighters
USA (Oklahoma) https://discord.gg/7Cb4tmb SamShoOK
USA (Oklahoma) https://discord.gg/wfj4tvw Oklahoma UNIST
USA (Oklahoma) https://discord.gg/4HGjE7s OK Soul Calibur
USA (South Dakota) https://discord.gg/q973bjS South Dakota FGC
USA (Tennessee (Central)) https://discord.gg/ZDJJC4R Eat At Millin's
USA (Tennessee (Central)) https://discord.gg/tHtyeX9 Middle TN Fighting Game Community
USA (Tennessee (Central)) https://discord.gg/rKf6uuJ Middle TN Tekken
USA (Tennessee (East)) https://discord.gg/8B53GJg Smoky Mountain FGC
USA (Tennessee, Memphis) https://discord.gg/XVMTscc Memphis Fighting Game Community
USA (Texas, Austin) https://discord.gg/uUm8NTF Austin TX FGC
USA (Texas, Austin) https://discord.gg/V6MJRvr ATX animeboyz
USA (Texas, Austin) https://discord.gg/SVCqEAVRXv Longhorn (UT Austin) FGC
USA (Texas, Bryan-College Station) https://discord.gg/Y8MRuKm Cstat FGC
USA (Texas, Corpus Christi) https://discord.gg/NcJahJH Crawdaddy's Gaming
USA (Texas, Houston) https://discord.gg/fvCA4dV HoustonFGC
USA (Texas) https://discord.gg/FHBfYnF Texas Anime Buckaroos
USA (Texas) https://discord.gg/yhjq2Wf Texas Pokken
USA (Wisconsin) https://discord.gg/6N97a5e Wisconsin FGC
USA (Connecticut, Manchester) https://discord.gg/3Bwf5EG Great Value Smash Community
USA (Connecticut, Milford) https://discord.gg/Mqft9qg CT FGC
USA (Florida (Central)) https://discord.gg/GamersOnTheEdge Gamers On The Edge
USA (Florida) https://discord.gg/hwT9hhb Florida Calibur
USA (Florida) https://discord.gg/v7NupZ2 Florida FGC Server
USA (Florida) https://discord.gg/rmf3d8m Florida Tekken
USA (Florida) https://discord.gg/dWK5Cky Project Sunset
USA (Florida, Jacksonville) https://discord.gg/Z2eWnTZ Jax FGC
USA (Indiana) https://discord.gg/YH86UYU Indiana Fighting Game Community
USA (Indiana, West Lafayette) https://discord.gg/RRx42Rh PFGC_Betplay
USA (Kentucky) https://discord.gg/YSPp66U Kentucky FGC
USA (Maryland, Baltimore) https://discord.gg/BGwB2Pm Baltimore Arcade Fight Club Discord
USA (Maryland, Baltimore) https://discord.gg/nZaq9Ku Baltimore Tekken
USA (Maryland/Virginia (North)) https://discord.gg/MAV4Wja High Precision Fighting
USA (Maryland/Virginia) https://discord.gg/xkVNch MD/VA Rivals of Aether
USA (Michigan) https://discord.gg/F7gfw5z MI Anime FGC
USA (Michigan) https://discord.gg/68bJbvT Michigan Tekken Sessions
USA (New England) https://discord.gg/nyYQRA3 NEFGC Dragon Ball Fighterz
USA (New England) https://discord.gg/XgM2fCX NewEnglandFGC-Dojo
USA (New England) https://discord.gg/Wgm5RJh New England Anime Fighters
USA (New England) https://discord.gg/CyPNpn8 New England Sailor Moon S
USA (New England) https://discord.gg/WcarAHX NRS New England
USA (New York, Hudson Valley) https://discord.gg/2YXw9Z2 HVFGC
USA (New York, Long Island) https://discord.gg/NzvvmZS Long Island AFGC
USA (New York, New York City) https://discord.gg/3vsQBRx NYC Calibur
USA (New York, New York City) https://discord.gg/WftJyz2 NYC Lethal League
USA (New York, New York City) https://discord.gg/BuXfnRX NYCVF
USA (New York, New York City) https://discord.gg/FJNR452 Poly Gaming Network
USA (New York, Westchester County) https://discord.gg/tJw3Ees WestchesterFGC
USA (North Carolina, Fayetteville) https://discord.gg/Tzcy5yN FayetteNam FGC
USA (North Carolina) https://discord.gg/92E8VgS NC Japanimation Tusslers
USA (North Dakota) https://discord.gg/KQas75q FM FGC
USA (Northeast) https://discord.gg/SHCNGUX NE French Bread
USA (Northeast) https://discord.gg/6tq5QJF Northeast Pokkén
USA (NY/NJ/PHIL) https://discord.gg/cznQSSF Anime Tristate: NY/NJ/PHIL
USA (NY/NJ/PHIL) https://discord.gg/pUJrRe6 ARMS MetropolitanTri-state Server
USA (Ohio (Northeast)) https://discord.gg/XEpWyeN Air Dash Academy & Yeah I Gotcha
USA (Pennsylvania, Harrisburg) https://discord.gg/yRvDr8F Harrisburg FGC
USA (Pennsylvania, Lancaster) https://discord.gg/GA3gbD3Tnm Lancaster FGC
USA (Pennsylvania, Philadelphia) https://discord.gg/wtRgHcW Philly FGC
USA (Pennsylvania, Philadelphia) https://discord.gg/zM8rdSR Philly XRD
USA (Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh) https://discord.gg/MMx5PVR CMUken
USA (South Carolina) https://discord.gg/5Y9SjQs SCFGC
USA (Southeast) https://discord.gg/MSqhb63 Southeast Pokken Discord
USA (Southeast) https://discord.gg/YTyx6Ad Southeast UNIST Netplay
USA (Virginia, Hampton Roads) https://discord.gg/Dykuydu SOVA Fighting Game Community
USA (Virginia (North)) https://discord.gg/3t9BeBB NovaFGC
USA (Virginia, Radford) https://discord.gg/44z8BqP Virginia Tech FGC
USA (Virginia, Richmond) https://discord.gg/Bvb2Thk RVA fIGHTCLUB
USA (Virginia (South)) https://discord.gg/M7dTHMm SoVA Rivals of Aether

North America(The Caribbean)

Country/region Invite Link Discord name
The Bahamas https://discord.gg/c8Fb34q Bahamas Gamers & Otaku
Dominican Republic https://discord.gg/JdDGQBs TEKKEN DOMINICANO
Jamaica https://discord.gg/BNGrkM3 Jamaica eSports Initiative
Puerto Rico https://discord.gg/9SDSWCC Nightwatch - Fighting Games Puerto Rico

Central America

Server Name Invite Link Description

South America

Country/region Invite Link Discord name
Argentina & Uruguay https://discord.gg/0ySKPcXz26c0jI0L 2fOH - ANIME IS DEAD
Argentina, Chile, Brazil https://discord.gg/DqTh3My BBTAG Argentina
Argentina, Chile & other nearby https://discord.gg/K3aaVmE Melty Sud
Argentina, Chile & other nearby https://discord.gg/heD8RvN Waifu Warriors
Argentina, Chile https://discord.gg/ytUdfj9 「Vampire Sailor」
Argentina https://discord.gg/ZkwrmDD Guilty Gear Argentina
Argentina https://discord.gg/37Xe7QC Under Night In-Birth Argentina
Brazil https://discord.gg/GsGXeQ4 AFGC BR
Brazil https://discord.gg/2Ky2jKZ Darkstalkers Brasil
Brazil https://discord.gg/UcZ4UU6 Dissidia Brasil
Brazil https://discord.gg/5UvDpjR DOA Brasil
Brazil https://discord.gg/dSP27y6 Dragon Ball FighterZ Brasil
Brazil https://discord.gg/u3nyQHK FGC BR
Brazil https://discord.gg/hFRfJk3 Granblue Fantasy Versus Brasil
Brazil https://discord.gg/R5k3qWt HFTF Brasil
Brazil https://discord.gg/cqZYt9g Hitconfirm
Brazil https://discord.gg/3scbWr9 Killer Instinct Brasil (Xbox/Win10/Steam)
Brazil https://discord.gg/mAgyxzD KOF XI Brasil
Brazil https://discord.gg/xgETWRn KoF XIII Brasil
Brazil https://discord.gg/6HA2pRu KOFXIV Steam BRASIL
Brazil https://discord.gg/0oxkC2zYz5OSVWKi MeltyBrasil
Brazil https://discord.gg/dn9Rh9x Mortal Kombat 11 Brasil
Brazil https://discord.gg/eQxaMrY Neko Punchi
Brazil https://discord.gg/mAU7vNK NitroPovertyBR
Brazil https://discord.gg/BWEYxTF Purgatório Championship
Brazil https://discord.gg/PmqRZ9H Rivals of Aether - Brasil
Brazil https://discord.gg/fNCyxvW SamSho Brasil
Brazil https://discord.gg/eKHfY6T Santuário Hakurei
Brazil https://discord.gg/010sEusENWiVtbx5u Skullgirls Brasil
Brazil https://discord.gg/AKX2qze Soul Calibur Brasil
Brazil https://discord.gg/UDarbgm Special Shodown
Brazil https://discord.gg/XAU6p5s Street Fighter V Brasil
Brazil https://discord.gg/Z54KExz TEKKENBR
Brazil https://discord.gg/wuUEBHM the slugfest - KOF 98 BR
Brazil https://discord.gg/qFa8uS3 UNIBrasil
Brazil https://discord.gg/2F2Gy5W USFIVBR
Chile https://discord.gg/MBNJQA4 Blazblue Chile
Chile https://discord.gg/7MWtKEN Grubble Versus SA
Chile https://discord.gg/gM8gUbT Lag Fighter Chile
Chile https://discord.gg/GK2uf6r SFIII 3rd Strike CHILE oficial
Chile https://discord.gg/4xR2CKT Soul Calibur Chile
Chile https://discord.gg/bXZKtAy Tekken Chile
Chile https://discord.gg/pzyWTmV UNI CL®
Latin America https://discord.gg/upFYatB BFTG América Latina
Latin America https://discord.gg/R88ktxV Comunidad Puyo Tetris Latinoamerica
Latin America https://discord.gg/Up9qsfB BBTag Latino NS
Latin America https://discord.gg/VZk4Rfm Games n' Chilling - Latinoamerica
Latin America https://discord.gg/PDbfyc8 MalaJunta
Latin America https://discord.gg/tsYZyYp Skullgirls Latino America
Latin America https://discord.gg/jwWJhbz Them's Fightin' Herds Latam
South America https://discord.gg/qC8JxWrr Dead or Alive Kamae 🔊
South America https://discord.gg/ub8GwRp efz hours
South America https://discord.gg/YY2kts Guilty Gear Abunai 🔊
South America https://discord.gg/8x7Szhc LLB South America
South America https://discord.gg/7YHjyue Rivals of Aether SA
Venezuela https://discord.gg/b2KGrJj Cholero eSports - Fightcade Venezuela


Country/region Invite Link Discord name
India https://discord.gg/shFEjhd Indian FGC
Indonesia https://discord.gg/3NUAUK4 Under Night In-Birth ID
Japan https://discord.gg/phAzHyy EFZ_jp
Japan https://discord.gg/d8be5Uk E's Laf channel ( 仮 )
Japan https://discord.gg/5VGbeqh FIGHTING EX LAYER JP
Japan https://discord.gg/2tuwtQq GBVS鯖
Japan https://discord.gg/y3ahz8Q Kalibur Fighters Discord
Japan https://discord.gg/ZsQ727E LLB日本支部
Japan https://discord.gg/NDDTfgK Rivals Japan
Japan https://discord.gg/vMKg3DW Skullgirls_JP
Japan https://discord.gg/Pubu2Nj tensoku
Japan https://discord.gg/CDzsWnC アルカナディスコ部
Japan https://discord.gg/23Urrzr のびーるARMS
Japan https://discord.gg/juYVDm3 UNI_UNI
Japan https://discord.gg/bnrPc7X WonderfulWorld Discord サーバー
Japan https://discord.gg/HtyrtTR 恋姫演武Ver3
Korea https://discord.gg/NPPNUR4 KFGC
Korea https://discord.gg/2EB5FXa KR DBFZ Community
Korea https://discord.gg/Ak5kcu6 SFV KR
Korea https://discord.gg/e9J4MjA SoulCalibur.Kr
Korea https://discord.gg/jmcfeUB TeamSPIRITZERO
Korea https://discord.gg/pYTYYZJ 고갤양학파티
Korea https://discord.gg/ZrsPx8g 뿌요인들의 싐터
Malaysia & Singapore https://discord.gg/qjJQx6C TEKKEN 7 MY X SG
Philippines https://discord.gg/uFEx8FB Touhou Philippines
Singapore https://discord.gg/9hvHukb EXVS Singapore
Singapore https://discord.gg/PZ3vABd Soul Calibur Singapore
Southeast Asia https://discord.gg/QqWgz2z #IndonesiaTouhouGaming
Southeast Asia https://discord.gg/xgyQryj Airdasher SEA
Southeast Asia https://discord.gg/G6gYPHD AIRDASHER THAILAND
Southeast Asia https://discord.gg/AxR2ECr Curiosities of Southeast Asia
Southeast Asia http://discord.gg/fd2vhwf DBFZ SEA
Southeast Asia https://discord.gg/E63SFyc GGXRD: SEA Netplay
Southeast Asia https://discord.gg/K6mJeyU GundamEXVS_SEA
Southeast Asia https://discord.gg/pTThFsE Melty & UNI -SEA

Asia (Middle east)

Country/region Invite Link Discord name
GCC (Saudi Arabia, UAE, etc.) https://discord.gg/J893fAy Fighters GCC
Israel https://discord.gg/EwCbEjq FighterHubIL
Middle East https://discord.gg/xC7ZWn8 RoA Middle East
Qatar https://discord.gg/93m8yUZ QatarFGC
Saudi Arabia https://discord.gg/e3f53F2 SGCAFGC
UAE https://discord.gg/BhmMx5T UAE FGC AE


Country/region Invite Link Discord name
Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg https://discord.gg/MDqG8T4 Benelux FGC
Belgium https://discord.gg/js8sVhd FGC Belgium
Bulgaria https://discord.gg/QHFhDu9 Fighting games Bulgaria
Croatia https://discord.gg/fkaMjU5 FGC Hrvatske
Czech Republic/Slovakia https://discord.gg/hg6rSbB Czech Arcade
Czech Republic https://discord.gg/ykc2UFS Fighting Games Czech
Denmark https://discord.gg/UbdG4Cj Det Danske Kampspilsfællesskab
Europe https://discord.gg/p2Hn4a4 3rd Strike EU
Europe https://discord.gg/EU9n7B9 ABK Kooky Edition
Europe https://discord.gg/RjgxvHC DBFZ EU
Europe https://discord.gg/2JpjkWG Dissidia EU
Europe https://discord.gg/nBxAnU7 EU FG Community
Europe https://discord.gg/zUFCNuN EU Gundam EXVS
Europe https://discord.gg/fpxq28A EU skullfriends
Europe https://discord.gg/D8RSsmD European ARMS Competitive
Europe https://discord.gg/nSmBC69 Fightcade: Steam EU
Europe https://discord.gg/25ayG4x GranBlue Versus EU
Europe https://discord.gg/YRYmDru Guilty Gear Europe
Europe https://discord.gg/S328nHk Hearts are Blazing
Europe https://discord.gg/rxBBgjx Insanity EU Tekken 7
Europe https://discord.gg/MEKqAYz KOF XIII
Europe https://discord.gg/ZZNV3FJ Mortal Kombat 11 EU
Europe https://discord.gg/TCzXVJQ Pokken EU
Europe https://discord.gg/0XU22LeXTgWhyZ6c Rivals of Aether: Europe
Europe https://discord.gg/MvNmKhX SaltmineLeague
Europe https://discord.gg/YcJZ5AS EU SamSho - Samurai Pride
Europe https://discord.gg/d88K6h4 Slap City EU
Europe https://discord.gg/JSAChwD SoulCalibur VI EU
Europe https://discord.gg/6nQFAZp Tekken EU
Finland https://discord.gg/0t8n2peAUsQGN5oi Taistelupelit
Finland https://discord.gg/xTGbfZ5 Tekken Suomi
Finland https://discord.gg/sBGauJs Yatagarasu SKENE
France https://discord.gg/GqmecqK ARMS FightClub FR
France https://discord.gg/F3adaZd Dead Or Alive France
France https://discord.gg/CccZzYG BBTAG France
France https://discord.gg/0Ty2VVI2kihgOaih Discord Blazblue France
France https://discord.gg/tXP2HaC Dragon Ball FighterZ
France https://discord.gg/Nqu4eBV FR Hisoutensoku
France https://discord.gg/aAprAmw Fighting DreamerZ
France https://discord.gg/ccVamUq Granblue Fantasy Versus Fr
France https://discord.gg/9uuPewE GUILTY GEAR FRANCE
France https://discord.gg/hY4AECn Injustice France
France https://discord.gg/FYAVu72 KI France Discord
France https://discord.gg/5curety Lethal League Blaze FR
France https://discord.gg/mGM3zms MK11_France
France https://discord.gg/vMwA2ZM Naruto Clash of Gekit? Ninja FR
France https://discord.gg/Sf2j9Q3 Pokkén France
France https://discord.gg/mw6Mqfw Rivals of Aether France
France https://discord.gg/S8FugYJ Samurai Shodown Fr
France https://discord.gg/zn6X9zE Soulcalibur.fr
France https://discord.gg/YHdDM6z Street Fighter 2X France
France https://discord.gg/K9UZV34 TEKKEN France
France https://discord.gg/fVXUcUr Under Night In-Birth France
France (Lyon) https://discord.gg/kdgkCbg LaDOSE.net
France (&other Francophone countries) http://bit.ly/BayoenDiscord bayoen.fr
France (West) https://discord.gg/qczqNBp Beat by 44
Germany https://discord.gg/DWHjARM Ger_Calibur
Germany https://discord.gg/bbYjKWJ HardEdge
Germany (Hamburg) https://discord.gg/DGkwggaCjB FGC Hamburg
Germany https://discord.gg/buYKX5S Letale Liga
Germany https://discord.gg/AFc6bQy Nintendouken
Germany https://discord.gg/pw5D6Xf Pokkén DE
Germany https://discord.gg/tXfSUWu Rivals of Aether: Germany
Germany (Frankfurt) https://discord.gg/5P3B89Z Mad Gear FFM
Germany (Munich) https://discord.gg/4W2bBdK Munich Fight Night - Arcade Gaming Dojo
Germany (Solingen) https://discord.gg/CJ45eyY Insert Game
Greece https://discord.gg/AMkZTSX Greek Fighting Game Community
Hungary https://discord.gg/P8X9zXU MAVIK - Hungarian FGC
Ireland https://discord.gg/HtUz2zN Eiredashers ????
Ireland https://discord.gg/X45RZR3 Ireland Fighting Games
Ireland https://discord.gg/GBNYKaW Monaghan
Italy https://discord.gg/bfSnUfy Skullgirls Italia
Italy https://discord.gg/VBVvDQU Fighters Network Italia
Italy https://discord.gg/vyRuVtU Italian Fighters Turbo Xrd: Central Climax
Italy https://discord.gg/N3tAN7g Spaghetti Showdown - Anime Fighters Italia
Italy https://discord.gg/GND45Ag Soul Calibur Italia
Italy https://discord.gg/NvtX236 Tekken In Italia
Latvia https://discord.gg/HZ3aKGk FGC Latvia
Lithuania https://discord.gg/cXuh7SA FGC Lithuania
Netherlands https://discord.gg/QmNWx6R Dutch: FGC
Netherlands https://discord.gg/svCZHVe Nederlandse Rivalen van Ether
Norway https://discord.gg/xvGsVCC Norsk FGC
Norway https://discord.gg/AQFg35s Pokken Norge
Poland https://discord.gg/rX8ACFe bbcf.pl & bbtag.pl
Poland https://discord.gg/RdGzQa7 dbfz.pl
Poland https://discord.gg/H67cqyQ FGC PL
Portugal https://discord.gg/Wn7cvsN Guilty Gear PT
Portugal https://discord.gg/KrHrsVn Pokkén Tournament PT
Portugal https://discord.gg/a8SXee6 PTFighters
Portugal https://discord.gg/KQW63zS PT FighterZ
Portugal https://discord.gg/QVYKZcV Rivals of Aether PT
Portugal https://discord.gg/33BgenN SFV PTFighters
Portugal https://discord.gg/rPY3GJ9 SoulCalibur - Portugal
Portugal https://discord.gg/Fx8Pqa5 TEKKEN Portugal
Romania https://discord.gg/cRq7YBr ROMANIA ARCADE
Romania https://discord.gg/QY3w4UP Romanian FGC
Russia https://discord.gg/NY3SC5c Blazblue Eggplantfiction Extend
Russia https://discord.gg/b2bcCVH Dead or Alive
Russia https://discord.gg/5ytS9jJ drachki community
Russia https://discord.gg/w29B9G4 Guilty Gear RU
Russia https://discord.gg/NgcgPHm JJBA:HFTF Russia
Russia https://discord.gg/Z2CPGmg Samurai Shodown RUS
Russia https://discord.gg/jvwvwA7 Skullgirls Russia
Russia https://discord.gg/ar3UDu5 Soul Calibur
Russia https://discord.gg/v2ecXqC Street Fighter V Russia
Serbia https://discord.gg/fxa3UYt Airdash Community Serbia
Serbia https://discord.gg/eCh72HC FGC Serbia
Spain https://discord.gg/MYtkp79 FGC ESPAÑA
Spain https://discord.gg/Atqqdnr Soul Calibur España
Sweden https://discord.gg/vMAN5tB 3rd Strike Sweden
Sweden https://discord.gg/Z8Tn8M8 BB Sweden
Sweden https://discord.gg/QTMcDrn Dragonball Fighterz Sweden
Sweden https://discord.gg/9gN5BRp GG Sweden
Sweden https://discord.gg/5z6fzsX Granblue Fantasy Versus Sweden
Sweden https://discord.gg/kqDjSdN MELTAN SWE
Sweden https://discord.gg/92JmhjP Mortal Kombat Sweden
Sweden https://discord.gg/3vxEuVd RoA Sverige
Sweden https://discord.gg/Cx6swqc Samurai Shodown Sweden
Sweden https://discord.gg/0o8jIyV2w1zHHCAY Street Fighter V i Sverige
Sweden https://discord.gg/0oK1OryJleWYM4pB SVENSKA TEKKEN
Sweden https://discord.gg/qVD6Mfe Sweden DoA
Sweden https://discord.gg/qWJUgjm SweFGC
Sweden https://discord.gg/9KM9d3D UNI Sverige
Sweden (Göteborg/Gothenburg) https://discord.gg/JgjF2xv Git Gud
Sweden (Göteborg/Gothenburg) https://discord.gg/JA8jUxy NegativeEdge
Sweden (Malmö) https://discord.gg/pChGJpU COMA FGC - Skåne
Sweden (Stockholm) https://discord.gg/qS5UNDq LightDash Stockholm
Fightingspel I Umeå https://discord.gg/uAdHFv9 Fightingspel I Umeå
Sweden (Västerås) https://discord.gg/RHB3chH VFGC
Switzerland https://discord.gg/F4q7XqG HardReadCH
Turkey https://discord.gg/dFS2t8Q Dayak Kulübü
Turkey https://discord.gg/26F9DWz Turkiye sanal Dovus Oyulari Toplulugu
Ukraine https://discord.gg/AJKDWKM FGC Kyiv
United Kingdom https://discord.gg/nVmdKvX Dragon Ball FighterZ UK
United Kingdom https://discord.gg/NH6Gfcx SoulCalibur UK
United Kingdom https://discord.gg/qDu3zGd UFG
United Kingdom (Great Britain) https://discord.gg/nYUAmrr PuyoGB
United Kingdom (England, East London) https://discord.gg/5UWaHbp EastLondonFGC TNT
United Kingdom & Ireland https://discord.gg/tw8EbKU Street Fighter V UKIE
Wales (Cardiff) https://discord.gg/N982SPU Wales FGC

Australia & Oceania

Country/region Invite Link Discord name
Australia https://discord.gg/NhEyXVE Australian Anime Fighting Game Community
Australia https://discord.gg/0XZ1jyybIVCeK2dS Gundam EXVS Australia
Australia https://discord.gg/8rYxtv5 Killer Instinct Australia
Australia https://discord.gg/G3sPs8g Super Street Fighter II Turbo - Australia
Australia (Queensland, Brisbane) https://discord.gg/65xTDek Brisbane Fighters
Australia (Tasmania) https://discord.gg/ZFsZTZJ TAS Fighting Game Community
Australia (West) https://discord.gg/NaJrQJC Hype Club - Nah Junior, Quality Jerk Club.
Australia & East Asia https://discord.gg/sDZbjN8 ARMS AOC
Australia & New Zealand https://discord.gg/g7qXQZp ANZ LLB
Australia & New Zealand https://discord.gg/rbbHsK5 AUS/NZ SFIII 3rd Strike
Australia & New Zealand https://discord.gg/n3mGg36 Australia+NZ DOA Dead Or Alive Fighters
Australia & New Zealand https://discord.gg/9GCd7HU Fantasy Strike ANZ
Australia & New Zealand https://discord.gg/6DmwbTX Team WP - AU/NZ FGC
New Zealand https://discord.gg/VuzqWFj NZ Tekken
New Zealand https://discord.gg/RgKswdV Standing Fierce NZFGC
Oceania https://discord.gg/HtnXx5X Dissidia Oceania
Oceania https://discord.gg/XxMJCjb JJBAHFTF Oceania
Oceania https://discord.gg/kbPWTZQ OCE DBFZ Community
Oceania https://discord.gg/F5wjkuF Oceania Soulcalibur Community
Oceania https://discord.gg/Tw6Mgyf Oceania Tekken Community
Oceania https://discord.gg/37KNByk OCE GBVS
Oceania https://discord.gg/YBbHeyc Pokken Tournament OCE
Oceania https://discord.gg/NaQZdzM Puyo Puyo Australia
Oceania https://discord.gg/Xm4Dgar Samurai Shodown (Oceania)
Oceania https://discord.gg/WKG373f Skullgirls Oceania


Any server that does not cater to a specific region or is multi-regional. If it dedicates itself to a specific game at a global scale, add it to the Game Discords or Character Discords list instead.

Server Name Invite Link Description