Orochi Ranma (CRH)

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O.Ranma's Character Select Portrait


Orochi Ranma is a fucking beast. She has the best walking speed in the game, excellent aerial mobility due to double jump, and even has the best proximity unblockable. Her damage about is somewhat above average, but that one fault is mitigated by her fast and varied mixup game.

Moves List

Normal Moves

s.LP Average poke with alright priority, bufferable.
s.HP Blanka low fierce, but with shitty range and recovery. Yuck!
s.LK Close version hits twice and is bufferable, far version is a quick, long ranged poke which is a staple to her zoning / ranged pressure game.
s.HK Since this kick hits diagonally you can use it to stop jump ins that tornado can't answer to. Fairly good priority, expect it to trade against some attacks.
c.LP Quick, but no range. Use c.lk
c.HP Same as above, slower, more damage
c.LK EXCELLENT attack. Great range, buffers many times into itself and leads to her best combos. Great for blockstrings, pressure and anything else.
c.HK Very long ranged, deceptive hitbox. Hits much further than you would think. The choice followup to her proximity unblockable.
j.LP Average, use j.lk
j.HP Just use j.lk
j.LK When you're jumping, use this attack if you're not diving. This move has ridiculous priority and stays out until you land. Can be used in combos too.
j.HK This attack doesn't stay out as long or come out as quick as j.lk, and it doesn't have the priority either. Great damage, but it's useless when she has the Dive Kick, which does almost as much and pressures betetr.


Koshuu Tou F + HP. Tackle, okay damage. Use proximity unblockable instead.

Command Normals

Proximity Unblockable When Close F + LP. O. Ranma does a side slice kick which is unblockable and can be followed up. c.HK is the choice followup because of the good recovery.
Dive Kick In Air D + HK O. Ranma does a very high priority dive that hits fast and can be combo'd off. Can be used for ambiguous crossups.

Target Combos

In Air D + HK c.lk x1-5x Tornado
F + LP -> c.HK

Special Moves

Tornado Charge D, U + K O. Ranma thrusts upwards and brings forth a tornado from her hands. Used as an anti air and during combos. Use LK version , as the HK version does not allow for okizeme due to recovery.
Hyper Hands Mash punch of any strength O.Ranma does a flurry of punches that hit inconsistently for equally inconsistent damage.
Fireball charge B -> F + P O. Ranma throws an fb. Light ver has crazy good recovery but is small. Hard version is large. Not much to say about these for now





s.lk and c.hk are great tools to keep your opponent from throwing out attacks, use j.lk to control aerial space. Use her fireball sparingly and trip afterwards for a good poke string. This will help get your opponent into the corner quicker.



Use normal pressure strings. Bear in mind that if the opponent has a good anti air reversal you should bait that with a safe dive kick. c.lk's to fireball is a good idea, because you can charge and use tornado if the opponent jumps. Make the opponent stick out attacks by constantly threatening with the prox unblockable, and punish their pokes with dives.

Additional Notes


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