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Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter

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Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter is a 1997 game released by Capcom. It is part of the Versus Series.

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Game Mechanics

Taunt: Start

Advancing Block: Block, 3P

Dash Forward: F,F or F + 3P

Dash Back: B,B

Super Jump: D,U or 3K

Variable Attack: fp + fk

Variable Counter: Block,hca + fp+fk (level 1)

Variable Combo: hct + fp+fk (level 2

Basic Strategy

To Come

Advanced Strategy

Tier List

Top Tier

Wolverine (Spamming MP + Drill Claws + Berserker Rage Infinite = WHEEEEE!)

Omega Red (Coils have good distance, combos do a lot of damage, ducks extremely low to the groud, retractable Omega Strike is advantage.)

High-Mid Tier

Cyclops -(Double Jumps, decent keep away game with FP and FK)

Spiderman -( Stance is low to the ground, and has some decent combo damage)

Captain America/U.S. Agent- (a simple LP, D.LK, D.FP, Shield Slash combo can do some heavy damage. Also, double jumps combined with jumping FP is pain.)

Dhalsim - (I'd only say so because his Yoga Fire + FK has some potential to keep an opponent boxed in. Too bad his Supers are crap, though.)

Mid Tier

Akuma/Ryu/Ken - (Hmm.....tough call for me. They don't have the overwhelming advantage that the higher tiers have, but they can handle things on their own. Grouped together in that order.)


Hulk - (Fairly quick, normals do some good damage. No Gamma Quake in this game makes him a tad more vulnerable on the ground, though)

Armored Spiderman - (You know...he may be Spiderman with armor, but he does far less damage than the original. What's the point? He can still play pretty decently, but Spiderman is capable of inflicting damage after a couple of combos that would put a person into trouble very quickly. Armored Spiderman has to work harder to achieve that.)

Sakura - (Sakura can do some damage, but you'd have to learn to capitalise on mistakes if you want to catch anybody off guard with her Supers.)

Dark Sakura - (Sure, she's more like Akuma with longer range fireballs, but, basically, still a Sakura who dishes and takes more damage. I placed her lower for that last reason.)

Shadow - (DAMN that twinkle. Makes his supers slower)

Shuma Gorath

Blackheart/Mephisto - (longest range pokes in the game, but can't chain Inferno => Heart of Darkness like in the later game. Poke and spam demons is all I can think of.)

Mecha Zangief - (Higher up than regular Zangief because you can't knock him down that easily. However, still low down this list because most people can just stay away and blast him for free.)

Low Tier

Zangief - Capable of causing trouble with a jumping U + FP, but the faster characters can easily overwhelm him.

M. Bison - (I find him hard to pull off effectively. His combos from XSF were basically nerfed, and his Psycho Crusher doesn't pull off well in an Aerial Rave as it used to. His normals are rather slow, and God FORBID you crouch and try to quickly Super Jump with an attack, because he might do that stupid Fly move instead. He'll get creamed by Wolverine and Omega for sure.)

Dan - (No real ground combos, Crappy Supers, takes damage like a sissy girl. And that's the Dan we all know and love. Too bad the rest of the cast doesn't feel the same way.)

Garbage Tier


TOP: Wolverine Omega Red

Upper: Blackheart/Mephisto Spider-Man Cyclops Armored Spider-Man Dhalsim Cap America/US Agent

Mid: Mech Zangief Akuma Ken Ryu Dark Sakura Hulk Shuma Gorath Bison Norimaro Zangief

Low: Chun-Li Dan Sakura

Bottom: Shadow

Game Versions

  • Arcade (CPS2)
  • PC
  • Playstation
  • Saturn

The Characters

Note: list is incomplete